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Absolutely Divine Luxurious Wedding Items That Make a Big Impression

Absolutely Divine Luxurious Wedding Items That Make a Big Impression


When it comes time for your special day, why not pull out all the stops and add a few elements that will truly impress your guests? A sensational and eye-catching cake or some luxurious decorations can turn an ordinary wedding into an extraordinary one that your guests will remember for a long time. Even if you have a small budget, splurge on one item that will be the centre of attention.

elegant quat quatta wedding32 Absolutely Divine Luxurious Wedding Items That Make a Big Impression

Luxurious Wedding Cake Designs

Your cake is a great opportunity to make a statement that is edible as well as beautiful. Instead of going for the classic wedding cake shape, why not order a custom made cake in the shape of a meaningful object or a location? For example, if you and your fiancé met in Paris, an Eiffel Tower shaped cake would be a romantic touch for luxury weddings.

A bridal show in Nassau recently revealed a wedding cake made completely of Dunkin’ Donuts – which might give you the idea to create a cake made from your favourite treats or baked goods. You could also be creative with the cake toppers as well. Instead of the cliché bride and groom, you could consider having cartoon versions of yourselves, animals or perhaps a funny scene staged with cake topper characters.

Cake baker Donna Millington-Day from Staffordshire, UK created a cake that looks exactly like a life-size replica of a wedding dress. It’s an enormous cake that could feed approximately 2,000 wedding guests, but it would be a fantastic and eye-catching conversation piece at your wedding.

Opulent Wedding Decorations

Your decorations can also be a great opportunity to create an over the top impression at your wedding and really create a luxurious atmosphere. You can add in luxurious and glamorous elements that will give your wedding reception more visual interest, especially by switching it up with design concepts, colours and patterns. There are many wedding decoration Hong Kong options to choose from.

For example, you could set the luxury wedding mood with crystal chandeliers, hanging them from a tree or suspending them from the ceiling. Think about candle holders as well. They can be large, bold, dramatic, complex and elegant. Candlelight will create a beautiful and romantic mood for the reception.

You could also wrap the chairs in chiffon, tulle, or another sheer, stiff and elegant fabric. It’s a simple touch, but it will make them look so much more elegant – especially with a bow and the fabric trailing behind them.

You could also consider using a table cloth in a luxurious fabric, such as lace, damask or crochet. Perhaps it has a sparkle to it, or an interesting texture that will really catch the eye of your guests. Also, on the table you could include lovely picture frames with photos of you and your guests as a way to make the reception more personal.

Of course, these are just ideas so use your imagination and create the wedding of your dreams.


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