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A New Crime of Passion Lurks in the Shadows

A New Crime of Passion Lurks in the Shadows


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A New Crime of Passion Lurks in the Shadows

Anyone who has seen even one episode of Law and Order has likely heard the term “crime of passion.” These crimes are labeled such because they stem from a sudden and sometimes uncontrollable urge rather than having been planned out beforehand.
The courts often look at these circumstances as mitigating factors when considering a person’s sentence. Unfortunately, a certain crime that some may refer to as a “crime of passion” is becoming more and more frequent, and the repercussions that victims of this crime face are life-threatening.

A New Spin on Crime of Passion

Sexual relations is one of the most intimate things that a person could ever engage in, but some individuals have taken to using this moment of bliss as a weapon by spreading the HIV virus. A pastor out of Georgia was actually accused of knowingly spreading HIV in 2012, and in the end, he slept with two women who were unaware of his status. Sadly, the man could only be charged with reckless endangerment in that state.

Another example of this “crime of passion” comes out of Michigan. A 2011 case focused on a man who intentionally sought out to spread HIV to as many individuals as he could. In the end, it was estimated that he may have exposed hundreds of people to the virus. While the man’s attorney continuously alluded to the fact that his client may have had mental issues, this definitely didn’t make life any easier on his victims.

Legal Repercussions

There are various legal repercussions that an individual may face if they knowingly have unprotected sex while infected with HIV. Unfortunately, as was the case in the aforementioned Georgia story, this repercussion could be nothing more than a reckless endangerment charge in some states. It hardly seems fair for a person who knowingly infects people with HIV to face a punishment usually reserved for regular negligent behaviors.

Luckily, some states have taken a much more serious stance on these types of illegal actions. In the aforementioned Michigan case, for instance, the man faced charges of “AIDS – sexual penetration with an uninformed partner.” This is considered a felony, and under the state’s statutes, the man could’ve faced four years for each count that he was charged with.

After Victimization

If an individual has reason to believe that they may have slept with someone infected with HIV, it’s imperative that they visit their doctor immediately. The seriousness of this virus simply cannot be underscored, and it’s essential to refrain from any type of sexual activity during this time. If it turns out that a person is HIV positive, their doctor will begin them on a treatment regimen; and luckily, anti-viral medications can now help a person with HIV have a full and long life.

When these situations arise, it’s also essential for an individual to seek out a personal injury attorney. While purposefully infecting someone with AIDS is a criminal issue, it’s also a negligent act that causes harm to an individual. In the case of the Michigan victims, consulting the legal counsel of experienced attorneys or researching legal websites, like, can bring resolve to individuals victimized by perpetrators of this heinous crime.

As in any situation where negligent behavior results in harm, a lawsuit can be brought against the offending party. Most people think of car accidents when they hear “personal injury attorney,” but there’s no doubt that contracting a deadly virus from a person intentionally trying to spread it is a bit more intense than a bit of whiplash.

It’s incredibly disheartening to even know that there are people out there who would purposefully infect others with HIV, but considering the other crimes that occur on a daily basis, it’s not entirely surprising. Because of people like this, it’s imperative for everyone engaging in sexual activity to utilize condoms for protection. For those who have already been infected, though, it’s essential to speak with both medical and legal professionals as quickly as possible.

Jamica Bell is a writer and blogger. After hearing about the heartless case of the Georgia pastor who purposely spread the HIV virus, she was inspired to look into the frequency of this crime. While researching, she found the information on to be very useful, especially for people who have fallen prey to this new crime of passion.



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