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A Change Of Season

A Change Of Season


The most popular colors of the season seem to leave the scene as fast as they arrive.  The combination of various colors is what helps people ease from one season into another.  Summer loves bold and bright colors with trinkets of sheer white and misty blues.  Ease into fall by mixing the brightness of summer with nudes and soft caramels.  Winter takes you by storm but never be caught off guard when you blend the nudes and caramels of fall with festive blues, oranges, greens and other deep colors that are rich and invigorating.  Spring your best fashion forward by calming the deep hues of winter with blends of coral and peach.  In essence, colors don’t go away, they simply change shades.

change season A Change Of Season

As you enter into each season, the first thought that comes to mind is ways to spruce up your wardrobe.  There isn’t always a need to go out and splurge on a new wardrobe.  Consider making over your closet by using items that haven’t been worn or blending colors that you’ve never tried before.  Mix different textures for an added burst of flavor to any outfit.  Dare to be different but most importantly dare to define who you are and how you really feel about the seasons of life.

Colder months are the best times to move your sweaters, cardigans, blazers and coats to the front of the closet.  Find scarves that compliment the colors of your winter shells.  Scarves are a great accessory of choice for winter and fall.  The colors are great for inspiring the tone reflection of the weather and can help to warm you on a really cool afternoon.  Warm the look with gloves that flatter.  Gloves are available in several styles and are wonderful compliments to cold winter wear.  These are simple ways to transition your wardrobe into each new season without hitting the malls.

Once the beautiful days of spring and summer approaches, you should garnish your look with a refreshing splash of light and sheer.  Materials made of awesome sheer fabrics will be great for this time of year.  They are light weight but can provide minimum protection from the sun.  Many of the pants and skirts you wore in the fall can be paired with summer colored tops for a great look.  Add hair accessories such as hair bows, ribbons and clips that are brightly colored and create a spring like expression of style.  This is a great time of year for fun wear.  Cute summer dresses and skirts that flair will make any summer day brighter.  Sandals with jewels or flower accessories are a great way to add sparkle to the simple summer skirt.

It’s perfectly normal to purchase a few extra pieces at the change of each season.  However, it’s also a wonderful concept to mix and match your current clothing.  Introduce some of your old items to something completely new and allow them to create sweet melodies together.  The constant changes that happen naturally and without much time for preparation at times can be a bit much.  There is a great world that’s ready to wow and it is located within your very own wardrobe.

Go ahead, splurge and go shopping for your season must haves but remember that you’ve got choices inside your very own closet.  Schedule a time to change the elements of your wardrobe by deciding to only purchase seasonal clothing once every few years.  Each season brings about a new opportunity for a great style to move forward.  Your contribution to the fashion journey will help to define and shape the thoughts of others as they watch you blend the style you’re in.

Donna Lee Jane from DearJane loves seasonal colors, the combination of various colours is what helps her ease from one season into another.


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