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Why Should Your Company Consider Working in the Cloud?

Why Should Your Company Consider Working in the Cloud?


cloud speaker Why Should Your Company Consider Working in the Cloud?

Anyone in the business world or who runs their own company knows that success is often contingent upon keeping up with the latest advancements in technology. The current technological advancement that companies throughout the world are now turning to is cloud computing. Just about any company that is worried about its security, has data storage needs that aren’t set in stone, is trying to save money on IT costs or simply doesn’t want to spend multitudes of money on software can benefit from use of the cloud. The industries that these companies encompass are nearly unlimited, so every business owner should understand exactly what the cloud can do for their company. 

Save Money on Infrastructure

One of the biggest perks of cloud technology is the fact that it saves money on infrastructure. When a company starts growing, they often have to purchase larger physical servers in order to handle more data. Sadly, if they end up not needing this much storage, they’re usually just out of luck. With cloud computing, however, a company can increase or decrease the amount of storage it needs at any given time. Whether an individual is running an IT firm or a small business in the local mall, this savings can go a long way.

Go Global

One of the things that made cloud computing so popular is its global nature. A person can literally save a file at the office, pull it up on their iPad during the commute home and then continue working on it on their home’s personal computer. What’s really great, however, is that an employee on the other side of the world can also access files and data when cloud service is utilized. This means even a small business can quite literally “go global.”

Quick Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is an essential cost when a company is handling customer or corporate data, but with cloud computing, this cost often comes along with whatever service a business uses. Some research has actually found that companies using the cloud are able to accomplish disaster recovery almost four times faster than their competitors who don’t utilize the technology. In the dog-eat-dog business world, this time literally translates to money.

Savings on Software

The savings that cloud technology provides on software usage is by itself worth the cost. Instead of purchasing several licenses for software suites, a company can simply use the same programs that are provided by the cloud company. This is a much lower cost solution than actually purchasing the software, and if a business owner decides that a particular program isn’t right for them, they can simply stop using and paying for it.

Additional Security

Cloud providers have their own set of security measures, but using this technology also removes the necessity for an employee to travel around with confidential data on their laptop. Around 800,000 laptops turn up missing every year while their owners are in airports, and if these laptop users had their data in the cloud rather than on their hard drive, everything they worked so hard for would remain secure.

The cloud is undoubtedly a piece of technology that no business can do without. Just as was the case with having a website, many companies didn’t realize the importance of cloud computing when it first came out. With over half of all American businesses now using the cloud, however, a business that fails to invest in this technology will likely allow its competitors to leave it in the dust.

Valerie Stout Cyrus is a freelance writer who has several years of experience producing technical publications. She has found that using the cloud service is a very efficient method of publishing as there are no issues with version control and her documents are easily accessible to all relevant parties.

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