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5 Safety Tips for Winter Cruising on Your Motorcycle

5 Safety Tips for Winter Cruising on Your Motorcycle


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5 Safety Tips for Winter Cruising on Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle riding is something that cannot truly be described, it can only be experienced. There is something absolutely exhilarating about feeling the wind against your skin and the sun on your face. It is a type of freedom that is tangible.

Many people enjoy this feeling so much that they even ride their motorcycles during the winter. Known as “true riders,” these motorcyclists brave all types of weather to continue to ride. If you are a true rider, there are a few tips you should be aware of when braving winter weather on your motorcycle.

1) Check Your Brakes – Make sure that you check your brakes each time you go out to make sure that they are not iced up and unable to be used. Before winter sets in you should have them checked by a mechanic to make sure they are in good working condition.

2) Know When To Stop – Sometimes the weather is just too bad or you are too cold to safely drive your motorcycle. You need to be able to determine what that point is for you because each person will be different. If there is any doubt in your ability to control the motorcycle, do not drive. It is better to be late than injured.

Of course, the most important tip you should remember when driving your bike in winter is to stay aware of other drivers. Remain aware of the cars around you and always keep in mind that they may not be able to control themselves in ice and snow.

Keep a safe distance, and always allow them more room to stop than you think necessary. Finding resources like and other helpful sites can enable motorcyclist and motorist to be better aware of the hazards of the road is very important.

3) Check Your Tread – Just like automobile tires, bad tread means bad traction. You want to make sure that you have good tread for any snow or ice that you may encounter. It is also very important if you are facing heavy rain.

A motorcyclist recently lost his life, and his wife was severely injured in Yuma, Arizona when their tires were unable to grip the pavement in hard rain and the bike crashed. As with other cities across the United States, these type of crashes have become common place.

4) Hand Protection – You need to make sure that you keep your hands warm during winter weather. Cold hands are harder to close around the brake grips or the accelerator. Losing control of your hands will result in losing control of your motorcycle.

5) Eye Protection – Eye protection is always a requirement when driving a motorcycle, but it is especially important during the winter. You will want to wear eye protection that hugs up against your face so that snow and cold air cannot get behind the glasses and hurt your eyes. Your eyes are very susceptible to cold and it can cause blurred vision if they are not protected.

If you are injured while driving a motorcycle, make sure that you look for a motorcycle accident attorney to protect your rights. Many insurance companies do not like to pay out on motorcycle claims because they say it is a risk to ride a motorcycle. An experience motorcycle accident attorney will fight for your rights for compensation and not allow the insurer to act in such a biased manner.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer who loves motorcycles. She is currently making plans to take up biking as a hobby. While researching her new interest, she came across, motorcycle sites, and other resources, she feels more confident that she will eventually become a safe motorcyclist and possibly true rider.


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