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Upcoming Disney Channel Auditions – This Could Be Your Big Chance

Upcoming Disney Channel Auditions – This Could Be Your Big Chance


Walt Disney famously said “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”. This statement could ring true for many aspiring actors, thanks to the recent announcement of Disney Channel Auditions.

casting director 300x200 Upcoming Disney Channel Auditions – This Could Be Your Big Chance

The auditions are aimed at recruiting talented individuals to feature in upcoming Disney Channel productions. The company is looking for motivated, ambitious and yet unknown talent to add to its ranks. This is a rare opportunity for anyone who has ever dreamed about a career in television or film.

The sad fact is that it is extremely difficult to break through into the world of television or film. All those who have made it will tell you that. The critical skill is having the courage to step up and take on any opportunity that shows up. The Disney Channel Auditions are probably such an opportunity. Therefore, missing them is unthinkable for any aspiring actor.

The auditions are scheduled to be carried out in partnership with One Source Talent, a company dedicated towards helping talented individuals to break into the world of entertainment. It is One Source Talent which announced the upcoming auditions, and is currently accepting registration via its website,

The auditions will be carried out at One Source Talent’s various offices throughout the country. The company has 13 offices scattered all over the US. Details of the offices can be got at the company’s website. Those who sign up for the auditions will be given the actual schedules.

The Disney Channel Auditions are a unique opportunity for anyone aspiring to join the television and film industry. They are unique for three reasons. First of all, it is Disney we’re talking about – the biggest name in entertainment. Therefore, in terms of television, it cannot get any bigger. Getting hired by the Disney Channel opens ways to into the Disney Empire.

Secondly, getting into any audition is very difficult. Getting into a Disney audition is something many people only dream about. Having the opportunity to showcase your talent before the best professionals in the industry is truly a touch of fortune. And, you never know, it could be your lucky day.

Finally, One Source Talent runs a number of other services to help aspiring talent to get into the television and film industry. It has a talent database which all those who sign up for its services are stored in. This database is the first place that industry professionals go to when they are looking to recruit new talent. The company also provides trainings, mentorships, recommendations, as well as access to other auditions to anybody who signs up for its services.

It is important to note that signing up for One Source Talent’s auditions normally does not guarantee access to its other services. The company is however making an exception for the Disney Channel Auditions. The offer will only last until the quota for the auditions is filled. Given the rapid number of people signing up, this may not last very long.

In a nutshell, the Disney Channel Auditions are a rare opportunity for anyone serious about breaking into the entertainment industry. Like Wald Disney said, your dreams can only come true if you have the courage to pursue them. Signing up for the auditions could be your first step of courage. You can do so at the One Source Talent website,



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