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Unusual Yet Creative Gift Ideas

Unusual Yet Creative Gift Ideas


Buying normal and known items as gifts either for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas is sometimes very upsetting. This is so if you find the items you bought with a lot of love thrown away. You might find MP3 players broken, dropped earrings, scratched up DVDs or video games yet to be played or sold behind your back. However, this holiday season, you might decide to go for unusual and rather distinct gifts that will not only be used but remain in their minds for some time.

Strawberry Santa 211x300 Unusual Yet Creative Gift Ideas

Gun Umbrella

Perhaps you want a gift that will certainly help start a conversation and an umbrella with the handle in the shape of a gun is definitely one of a kind. Walking with it in your hand across the street will grab attention right away.

Flat Wine Bottle Yet Cheese Tray

For a few dollars you can get the one you love a flat wine bottle especially if he or she loves wine, which is also a good cheese tray. Go for reclaimed wine bottle of 750ml and flat slumped with an included cheese spreader. You might want to buy from a company that recycles bottles especially if your loved one is eco-friendly in mind and works hard to protect the environment.  Other up-cycled products you might also want to look at include vases, lighting, bowls and glass jars.

Geek Family Member

Anybody can do with some USB 2.0 and additional memory space and getting it for your geek son or friend is quite helpful. Get it in the shape of a pet, for instance a dog and give it to them. On the other hand, you can buy it with the software you think they need in their geek world and sit back and watch as they put it into good use.

Candy From The Past

If you have older parents or friends you need to surprise with an unusual gift, you can go back to the past by buying them candy sets that were common in their youth. They will be easily recognized as you transport them back to their childhood or their youth. These can be gum nuggets burlap bag, pop rocks, candy necklace or a candy bar they know so well and still being manufactured. This unusual sweet gift is also a wonderful discussion starter.

Shot Glasses And A Santa Hat

A Christmas without a red and white Santa hat is almost out of the question. Santa hats might not be weird but getting them with the right shot glasses will make them really strange.

70s Retro Smartphone Case

With a modern Smartphone in a 70s retro case, you would have defined the term cool all over again. The retro Smartphone case will not hamper the gadget’s functionality, especially if you go for a custom made case. Overall, it should be a novelty case offering extra features such as protection like any other good hard case out there in the market.

Bomb Shaped Alarm Clock

If you have a heavy sleeper in the house you might want to think about a very unique type of alarm clock. For instance, you can get one shaped like a dynamite about to explode. It will always be an attractive bedroom addition and a constant reminder that sleeping too much is dangerous. Choose one with a rechargeable inbuilt battery.

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