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Top 7 Must-Needed Accessories for Your Bicycle

Top 7 Must-Needed Accessories for Your Bicycle


Bicycle is the best means of transport that you can experience in a crowded city. If you are living in a town where traffic jam is common, then this machine can help you to cover the distance in a much smaller time as compare to any car. Above all, bicycle riding keeps you energetic and fit.

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With the increasing trend of cycling, people are looking forward for different comfort things to buy in order to make their bicycle ride safe and comfortable. For this purpose, there are number of accessories and other items that are easily available in the market. Here is a small list of some desirable things that you must get hold when you buy a bicycle:

Bicycle Headlight

If you ride bicycle even occasionally at night time, even then you must buy the headlight for it. Headlight naturally increases your confidence when you are going on the dark road alone and it protects you against any potential threat on the road. The main purpose of the headlight is to make your bicycle visible to fast moving vehicles, so that the risks of accidents are minimized.

Bike Insurance

Many people take insurance as an expense but if you think comprehensively about insurance package offers, it is no less than an investment. Bicycle insurance is mandatory because bike-stealing incidents are increasing rapidly all around the world. Stealing a bicycle is a very simple task and many people become its victim every single day. Unfortunately, there is no registration number of bicycle that can be used to track it down if it gets stolen. Through bike insurance, you can get insurance against accidental damage and even against theft and loss. The price quote for bike insurance usually begins by as low as £2.99 only.

Bicycle Tools

A successful driver is not the one who can drive fast, but the one who knows how to handle difficult situations on road. Hence, that driver would always keep backup support and will be equipped with tool kit for unexpected situations. Tools help you in difficult situations to fix any breakdown. You can keep it in your garage or even hang the tool bag near the paddle rods. Through bicycle tool, you can save a lot of money and any breakdown can be fixed immediately and you do not have to drag your bicycle long way to the mechanic.

Air Pump

Usually all type of tires require air when they go flat. Hence, air pump is a much needed thing for a biker and it saves your time and money. Presently, there are some other alternatives to air pump that are available in the market (e.g. battery sized cylinder). However, they are readily expensive and can be used only once. Hence, air pump is much more economical and make you do some exercise that is good for health as well.


Helmet is extremely necessary for driver’s safety. Many countries have very strict laws that regulate people to wear hamlet while they are driving a bicycle or motorbike. If you are conscious about your looks while you are driving, you can choose some classy helmets that are available in the market.  It saves you from any bad injury of head in case of any accident, and gives you a dashing look on road that is adequate to impress anyone passing around. Above all, helmets prevent the sunlight to reach in your eyes and hence your sight is not affected while you are driving your bicycle.


Maintaining grip on bicycle handle is very important on any type of road. A bad grip on the handle can result in the circumstances that you will never want to come in your life. It can cause accidents, hard fall and even head injury. To avoid all this, wearing hand gloves is the only remedy that can ensure your safety during your bicycle ride. It keeps your hands and wrists painless and helps you to keep a strong grip on your mechanical machine.


No bicycle parking place is completely safe and secure. One popular video report showed that stealing bike is very easy even in crowded places. The thieves even used machines to break the lock but no one dared to ask them about their action. Hence, the best you can do to ensure some level of safety for your bicycle is to use the strongest lock. D-lock is comparatively hard to break and will make the thief to think twice before stealing your bicycle. D-lock is quite cheap in price and yet very much useful.


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