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Tips On How To Make Your Presentation Folders Stand Out

Tips On How To Make Your Presentation Folders Stand Out


Once you turn on presentation folders as marketing tools to publicize your brand, you should consider some useful tips to achieve better results.

tips how presentation folders stand Tips On How To Make Your Presentation Folders Stand Out

First Step

To begin with, you must decide the target market you want to reach. In this regard, you may need to carry out a research to get ideas. The design of your folders should be appropriate for the public that is going to receive such items. You should carefully conceive the pattern to match the clients’ expectancies or to impress potential customers. In any case, an eye-catching conception is a must.


Unless you are experienced enough in this task, you will need to research prior to designing the pattern for your presentation folders. Once you gather enough data about the target market, you are ready to select the theme and colors you will use for the portfolios. If you choose a full color folder printing design, you should pick colors matching the theme. You will need to reach the right blend in colors to create a design able to transmit a message to the public. If you already have an official logo, the colors should be selected accordingly. Keep in mind that blue is one of the best corporate colors for patterns but many other combinations can prove to be effective.

Pick a Proper Layout

When you have decided the colors you will use, it is the time to select the layout. Presentation pocket folders are by far the most popular picks for corporate. You should consider a regular arrangement with the logo at the front and a phrase with the contact information presented at the back.

Pick a Software Tool

You will need to select a graphic design software tool in order to build the printed artwork for the presentation folder. The most popular programs for this purpose are Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Both have many useful features and offer a lot of support. It is recommended to use a highly compatible tool to make further modifications possible.

Place the Logo

You brand logo is the key element in your design and you should create the pattern around such element. You should have other elements such as graphics, images and text in separate files to make the composition simpler. This will ease further modifications and make other similar designs easy to create.

Get Appealing Images

Your presentation folder design must have colorful images that send a message. However, you do not want to saturate the composition with too many figures. Keep it simple but capable of sending an emotional idea. Once you have a basic design completed, you can make modifications around it until you find the most attractive one.

Provide Detailed Information to the Printer

You should be clear in offering the printing instructions to get the presentation folders printed the way you want. In case you add slots or pockets, you need to be specific in the size and number. Finally, make sure your instructions are explicit before the printing starts in order to avoid misunderstandings. It is recommended to show the cutting lines in red to prevent the printer from making mistakes. If you have doubts about the design, ask for a sample before getting a large number of folders printed.

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