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Preparing your skin before using spray tan

Preparing your skin before using spray tan


Fake tanning has become a raging trend these days and every woman wants to appear radiant and beautiful by giving a bronze look to her body. Irrespective of whether you are getting it done at a parlour or using self tanning products at home, it is essential to prepare you skin well before using spray tan. Factors like how your tan will look and how long it will last are dependent on the skin care regime you adopt prior to going for the tanning session. Mentioned below are use useful tips to prepare your skin and get the best effect.

images1 Preparing your skin before using spray tan

The basic idea behind preparing your skin for tanning is to make it clean and clear. This is important because clean skin is known to hold the tan for a longer time. Thus the very first step is to exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead cells. Our skin is covered with dead cells which can form a layer, preventing the tan from penetrating to the desired depth. When these dead cells slough off, these will take away the tan as well. So you can use any oil free products to exfoliate your skin and remove any unwanted build-up of dead skin cells and dirt.

If you want to remove excessive hair from any of your body part then rather than doing it after tanning, make sure to do it at least one day prior to your tanning session. Shaving before tanning is important due to two reasons. First of all shaving causes your pores to open and the tanning solution can enter these pores and give your skin a patchy look. Secondly shaving can take away your tan as well, thus leaving you with an even tan. Therefore it is advised to shave before and not after tanning.

Before going for the tanning session, do not apply perfumes, deodorants or make up. However, if certain areas of your body are drier than others then make sure to apply some moisturiser in limited quantity on those parts. This is because dry skin is known to tan faster, which can lead to patches. Your entire body should be evenly moisturised to ensure even tanning.

Besides preparing your skin, it is important to protect your nails and hair to make your tanning experience hassle free. You can tie your hair properly to avoid them being sprayed during the session. Also you should protect your finger and toe nails by applying a coat of clear varnish. Overlooking the need to apply nail varnish can cause your nails to discolour over time, especially if you go for tanning too often.


If you are visiting a parlour or salon for getting yourself tanned, then make sure to carry lose cotton clothes along. Wearing clothes and shoes which are too tight can rub your tan away, even before it has developed properly. Besides the tips mentioned above, it is advised to use only the best quality products offered by Spray Tan Suppliers to ensure the best and long lasting results.


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