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Let’s Party And Be Merry – How To Be A Responsible Christmas Party Host

Let’s Party And Be Merry – How To Be A Responsible Christmas Party Host


So you get to play host for this year’s family Christmas party and you want it to be perfect. There will be children there, of course, so you have to take them into consideration as well when planning the party. If you want the Christmas party to be a success, not only do you have to plan it well but you also have to host it responsibly. Below are some tips for being a responsible Christmas party host.

lets party merry how responsible Lets Party And Be Merry   How To Be A Responsible Christmas Party Host

Planning the Menu and Drinks

When planning your party’s menu, be sure to take into consideration the foods that the children will love. They will not enjoy fancy, gourmet foods like the adults will, so serve some of their favorites like spaghetti, chicken lollipops, and finger-food sandwiches. You can tie some festive ribbons on the ends of the chicken lollipops to give them a holiday feel.

As for the drinks, juice for the children and beverages for the adults, of course. See to it though that you also have some nonalcoholic drinks for those who do not drink.

Setting Up a Designated Driver Plan

Because you will serve alcoholic beverages, you need to set up a designated driver plan. Designated drivers are those assigned to drive a group to and from the party. They are responsible for the safety of their group, so they abstain from alcoholic beverages.

As a responsible party host, it is your responsibility to make sure that none of your guests will be driving home drunk. Make a list of reputable taxi cab companies that you can call in case your guests become too drunk to drive themselves home. Having the numbers ready will save you from a lot of trouble when the party ends, and it will be very helpful in case one of the designated drivers gave in to the temptation of alcohol.

To be sure though that your guests will be safe, ask your guests to leave their keys in a bowl. As the host of the party, you will be the only one who is responsible for retrieving the key. If you notice that a guest has had too much to drink, do not give him his key. Call a cab instead who can drive him home.

Of note; it is not your responsibility to pay for their cab fare, although you can also set aside a budget for that. If you cannot afford to pay for the cab fares, then ask your guests to pitch in. In your invitation, you can ask them for a few bucks for the cab fare fund.

People get drunk at Christmas parties, but accidents can be avoided by preventing drunk people from driving. Drunk driving is a crime, so learn more about its consequences here.

No Alcohol to Minors

Of course, never give alcohol to minors, and since you are the party host, you need to stay sober. You are in charge of intervening when guests become too rowdy because of their alcohol intake. It is also your responsibility to monitor their intake. If you think someone is having too much to drink, then politely remind them. Offer them food, instead of alcohol.

A successful party is a safe party, so be a responsible host.

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