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Is Your Friend In Jail? How To Bail Her Out Even Without Having Enough Money

Is Your Friend In Jail? How To Bail Her Out Even Without Having Enough Money


Did your friend just contact you saying that she was arrested? Are you now trying to find money so she can go home? Jail bail bonds are your best option when it comes down to paying bail. In fact, you only have a few choices when you and your friend do not have enough cash in your bank accounts. Nevertheless, you do have to find a way because you just can not leave her in jail.

friend jail how bail her Is Your Friend In Jail? How To Bail Her Out Even Without Having Enough Money

How Can You Get Money for Bail?

Here are a few ways you can get money for her bail –

  • Sell Something Expensive

Some people are able to make bail after selling something of value that they own, such as a car, laptop, jewelry or a cell phone. This is an easy option if you know someone who is willing to buy something you own, but larger items that cost a lot can be quite difficult to sell.

  • Get A Loan From Family And Friends

This is one of the common methods of getting bail money. Family members and friends are always willing to help out if they have extra cash. However, if the bail is quite expensive you might have to borrow from several people. The loan can easily be repaid once your friend has been to court and receives the money back.

  • Hire A Bail Bond Agent

When you can not get a loan or if you do not have anything valuable to sell, you can always hire a bail bond agent. The bail bond agent can provide you with the bail money and you only have to pay a fee, which is a small amount compared to the total amount needed.

How Much Bail Money Do You Need?

Depending on the crime, the bail can be determined in a bail hearing, bail hearing and arraignment or preset schedule. To ensure that your friend will return to the court, bail money will be ordered by the judge and the amount will be based on the severity of the charges. According to “Bail bonds allow the unfortunate and the poor to get out of jail for crimes they have not been tried for yet. The rich, if accused of a crime, could easily pay their bail and step out of jail. If there were no bail bonds, more of the middle class and poor would be forced to stay in jail until trial, while the rich would walk free–innocent or not. Bail bonds prevent further class division and maintain equality.”

Why Is Hiring A Bail Bond Agent The Easiest Way To Get Your Friend Out Of Jail?

There are three reasons why you should hire a bail bond agent –

  • Speed Up The Process

Having to bail a friend out from jail can be stressful especially when you know nothing about bail bonds and the legal process. A bail bond agent is an experienced professional and he can get her out quickly without any inconvenience.

  • Maintain Relationships

The quickest way for relationships to be destroyed is to borrow money from family and friends. They may be more than willing to help out if it were a simple emergency, but they may not be as willing when they find out you need help for bail money.

  • Save Money

Bail money is returned if you pay for it, but you might have to wait for weeks and even months before a court hearing is scheduled so it will take some time to get the money back. This is why many who do not have enough savings opt for bail bonds.

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