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Get More Bang For Your Buck With Multifunctional Furniture

Get More Bang For Your Buck With Multifunctional Furniture


In today’s modern society, we cannot function without multitasking – things just wouldn’t get done!

So now, we tend to expect the same from our possessions. If your mobile phone can be an alarm clock, a games console, a newspaper and a library in one, why can’t a coffee table do a little bit more than just ’hold’ things? And let’s face it; the majority of us are not living in a mansion, so utilising space is more important than ever.

get more bang for buck Get More Bang For Your Buck With Multifunctional Furniture

This is why designers are focusing more and more on space-saving, multifunctional interior design. The good news is with a bit of effort and a little DIY aptitude you can achieve the same results without the costs of hiring someone.

Practical art

Of course we are all used to the concept of something being both aesthetically pleasing and functional, but what if we would turn it around and think of the practical uses first? This approach could help you create beautiful accessories for your home.

If you need some extra storage space but don’t want to fix yet another cabinet to your wall, why not create your own display/storage unit for pens, letters, jewellery and little souvenirs from used cans. Use old paint or coffee cans, soak off the label and arrange them on the wall in a pattern you like. Why not give the cans a splash of paint to make it even more of a statement piece? And while we are talking about cans, what about a room divider made entirely out of these multifunctional, tin cylinders – lightweight and definitely eye-catching.

Ever thought of radiators as artistic focal points for the home? I think we can agree that traditional radiators are designed for function and can often be an eyesore in an, otherwise well-designed, interior. Luckily there is a huge variety of beautifully designed and energy-efficient radiators on the market. Such a radiator is the ultimate example of practical art.

Saving Space

One of the main purposes of multifunctional furniture is saving or even gaining space. A good and subtle way to save space in your living room is a sofa or chairs with a built-in storage, which is available from most furniture stores.

A new 2-in-1 design classic that we have been seeing a lot this year is the “reading chair,” which is like your very own library, which you can sit on! The chair stores books in the arms, base and back of the chair, creating the perfect reading space where you have your all your favourite titles close by – super stylish and a good solution if you’re living room is running out of space.

If you’d like your coffee table to hold something more than mugs, remotes and the odd pair of feet you can create a coffee table out of four (or more) wooden square frames, with the openings directed to the sides. This way you have a flat surface on top and storage inside the boxes for your DVD’s, magazines and books.  And even better, if you have a party or friends come over you can clear the floor, separate the units and use them as extra seats.


One of the most well-known multifunctional fixtures is the sleeper sofa, but unfortunately almost anyone who has ever slept on an old model knows that waking up with a sore back goes with the territory. Now that the quality of sleeper sofas has improved massively over the years, you can your study room as a guest bedroom again, without the guilt!

And how about combining something you really need with something that will keep your kids busy for hours? If you have kids you know how quickly their toys can take over your living space. To solve this problem you can integrate the toys into the decor with a beautifully built, wooden, two story dolls-house, with a flat roof, that also functions as a coffee table. This way you can keep an eye on the kids whilst socialising with friends.

Although it might feel like radiators are quite static home accessories that really only have the single purpose of heating our houses, there are actually smart, multipurpose, modern options now available.  One of my favourites is the radiator that is decked out with a mirror – ideal for hallways and/or bedrooms. You can even have them equipped with a shelf for your gloves and jewellery – the options are endless!

Get inspired

There is a huge selection of practical yet beautiful multifunctional furniture available for your DIY creations. However, remember to think outside the box. Try to have an open mind when looking at your interior and don’t be afraid to repurpose. Looking at things without the limitations of the initiated use of the object will bring you back to the old days, where a cardboard box could be anything from a spaceship to a home. Have fun!

Laura writes for Jaga Home Heating. When not writing, she can often be found trying to get more bang for her buck throughout the house.


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