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Facts About American Foreign Policy

Facts About American Foreign Policy


American Foreign PolicyOnce upon a time, when America was engaged in a cold war with Russia and other communist nations, its foreign policy was tailored based on the threats it perceived. However, after the end of the cold war, America’s foreign policy revolves around what it perceives itself to be. Today, America believes it is in a position to make an impact on other countries and rich enough to keep trying to making that desired impact.

It is this perception America has about itself that has made many nations hate America like never before. The recent snooping row with Germany is an example of how a genuine threat perception made the USA tap into conversations that couldn’t otherwise be accessed using the usual diplomatic channels. Recent policy events also have kept diplomats, document translators, interpreters, and even governments on the edge of their seats.

What Does USA Do In The Name Of Foreign Policy?

Promotes Democracy

America wants nations to give up on monarchy, communism, and other forms of oppression, and embrace democracy. Syria is a case in point. However, this is a noble thought that is riddled with minefields. Every country that America wants to help is packed with problems. Moreover, other countries do not want America to succeed because they figure that America is democratizing the world only to fulfill its selfish interests. In any case, America continues to push for democracy while its opponents do their best to pull it down.

Playing A Role In Global Security

The American Army, Navy and Air Force are all over the world. The main agenda is to fight terrorists, empower weak nations, and help people stand up against tyranny. This global presence of American forces on land, sea, and air also acts as a huge deterrent to dictators and evil rulers who want to retain power by whatever means or who want to suppress their people.

Emphasizing on Human Rights

America believes that every country should treat their citizens with care and respect, just like it does. America wants the Syrian government to end their oppressive tactics. It wants Pakistan to stop offering shelter to terrorists. It wants Iran to cease its nuclear development program. It wants Israel to come to an amicable settlement with the Palestinians. And so on.

Foreign Assistance

America believes in bringing nations up to speed with global growth and development. It scrupulously encourages investment in countries that believe in equal rights for their citizens. This is one human side of American foreign policy that is not criticized.


So, will America succeed with its foreign policy initiatives? There’s a big question mark regarding that because its debt is ballooning and there may well be an S & P downgrade around the corner that will force the country to cut down further. The recent government shutdown, the pullout from Iraq (and to a certain extent from Afghanistan) could signs of the times. In any case, this writer foresees a pullback in American foreign policy overtures mainly because of rising debt, increasing hostility and domestic political considerations.

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