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Do You Enjoy Drinking Out With Friends? Signs Of Intoxication To Watch Out For

Do You Enjoy Drinking Out With Friends? Signs Of Intoxication To Watch Out For


There is nothing wrong about going out with friends, having a few drinks and getting drunk, but being an irresponsible drinker and being careless can lead to trouble. Careless drinking can result in alcohol poisoning, loss of consciousness, disorderly conduct and even DUI arrests. When you go out with friends to drink and have a good time, it is crucial that you also know how to stay safe to avoid getting in trouble.

you enjoy drinking out friends Do You Enjoy Drinking Out With Friends? Signs Of Intoxication To Watch Out For

Signs That You Are Already Drunk

Here are a few signs that show your intoxication –

# 1 – Your words are slurred and you find yourself desperately trying to correct yourself.

# 2 – You begin to ramble and converse unintelligibly. You even begin to wonder why people can not understand a single word you are saying.

# 3 – You find yourself having difficulty understanding normal or simple conversation, but just assume that the people you are getting dumber while you are getting all the more drunk.

# 4 – You are unable to pay attention and lose your train of thought that you begin to see or imagine things.

# 5 – You start to sway on your feet and even when you are sitting. Perhaps you hear a tune that no one else can hear?

# 6 – You become unsteady on your feet, stagger and find it too strenuous having to stand up. Then you decide that your bladder can wait a bit more, until you being to urinate a bit on yourself.

# 7 – You end up stumbling and bumping into people or objects when you attempt to walk straight and complain that things and people are simply in your way.

# 8 – You lack coordination that you begin to drop or spill your drink and you just can not find your mouth with the glass to take a sip of your drink. Sadly, you think that your friend is just too fidgety beside you.

# 9 – You start to fumble with change and have trouble counting your money to pay for your drink. You get your friend to pay for you or pay in huge bills and forget the change.

# 10 – You suddenly develop behaviors you always kept on check: aggressiveness, rudeness, argumentative, belligerent, offensive and loud. Now that is such an embarrassment to your friends too.

# 11 – You become bad tempered, disorderly, use offensive language and physically violent, over small things such as spills on the table or a dirty fork.

# 12 – You lose your inhibition, become too friendly that you start to annoy or pester others with your too close for comfort talk.

# 13 – You start to make sexual advances with every man you see, including the server and your friend’s date.

# 14 – You find yourself so sleepy and end up sleeping at the bar or table. In fact, you might just end up napping there till morning.

# 15 – You start drinking too fast and end up vomiting anywhere. After all you will not be the one to clean up right?

When Drinking Is Just Too Much!

There is a difference between drinking casually or socially, alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Casual or social drinkers can develop into alcoholics and abusers when they lose the ability to set limits on their drinking habits. Most of the time, they also tend to lose the feeling of shame and humiliation associated to drunk actions.

Signs that indicate your dependence on alcohol –

1 – You begin to neglect your responsibilities at work, school and home. You become unproductive, get failing grades, fail to attend classes, neglect your children and become unfocused at work.

2 – You begin to drink whenever and wherever you can even while you are operating machinery, on medication and driving.

3 – You begin to get in trouble with the law. This should raise a red flag as you can end up with criminal charges due to public disorder due to drunkenness or DUI. DUI convictions can be extensive especially when you manage to harm innocent road users. According to Suhre Law & Associates, criminal defense experts in Chicago IL, “Even if your charge is unfounded or you don’t have an alcohol or drug problem, it is likely that the prosecutors and court officials will lose trust in your ability to drive safely. The courts will do everything possible to protect the community from possible disaster, including imposing harsh penalties to restrict your access to the road”.

4 – You continue to drink despite the strain on your personal relationships due to your drinking.

5 – You begin to drink every night and during the weekends as a way to release stress or to relax after work.

Valerie Benson is a freelance writer who specializes in various legal topics. She offers information about driving under the influence, the consequences of DUI charges and the latest apps and devices to help prevent and assist in different road crimes.


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