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Are You a Road Rager or a Passionate Driver?

Are You a Road Rager or a Passionate Driver?


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Are You a Road Rager or a Passionate Driver?

Many drivers become animated behind the wheel when someone else does something that they do not like. However, having a visible reaction to being cut off in traffic does not necessarily mean that you suffer from road rage.
Instead, it could simply illustrate the fact that you are a highly passionate driver. It is imperative to note that being cognizant of whether or not you have road rage is very important because this knowledge should be able to help prevent you from ending up dealing with an assault case. Additionally, learning how to recognize all of the following signs can help you avoid being assaulted by a driver with road rage.

Do I Have Road Rage?

1) What is Your Reaction to Bad Drivers? – Every motorist will become irritated from time to time by other drivers who do inconsiderate and unsafe things. Therefore, it is not uncommon for passionate drivers to end up having a short outburst during which they might yell something in the general direction of the other vehicle. However, you will step over the line into road rage territory if you continue yelling and making physical gestures for more than a few seconds.

2) Have You Ever Threatened Someone? – Passionate drivers do not threaten to hurt other motorists. Due to this, anyone who issues a threat to another driver is definitely dealing with a case of road rage. If you know that you have this problem, it is vital for you to avoid having any objects in your vehicle that you could use as a weapon.

3) Have You Ever Followed Another Motorist? – Some drivers become so enraged at the actions of another motorist that they will actually follow them for an extended period of time with the intention of hurting them.

For example, a driver in Houston was arrested on April 5, 2013, after he followed someone for approximately 35 minutes and then pulled a gun on him and started shooting. This incident is a prime example of how dangerous road rage can actually be. A Houston criminal lawyer was probably consulted to sort through this unfortunate case.

4) Do You Have Revenge Fantasies Behind the Wheel? – It is okay to fantasize about a bad driver getting pulled over by a nearby police officer. However, it is a bad sign if your fantasies are of a more violent nature. Many individuals with road rage who have revenge fantasies will keep a weapon in their vehicle. Therefore, other drivers need to keep an eye out for motorists who are exhibiting signs of agitation and appear to be reaching for something.

As you can see, the distinction between a driver who simply becomes passionate momentarily about an inconvenience and one who has active road rage is relatively easy to determine. For example, if you inadvertently cut someone off and they yell at you for a second before resuming normal driving activity, you will know that they simply became passionate about the incident.

On the other hand, if the driver begins tailgating you and making frequent obscene hand gestures, you might need to contact local authorities to let them know that you are being followed by a person with road rage.
Keep in mind that individuals who give into their road rage could end up needing to retain the services of a criminal attorney to defend them in court or worse. One day they may actually lose control and hurt another driver.
Jamica Bell is a freelance writer who contributes to numerous blogs. Her concern regarding road rage incidents has  lead her to be less confrontational when assessing a driving offense against her. Listening to the advice of a Houston criminal lawyer, only confirmed her stance to be a more relaxed driver.


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