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Accident Etiquette: What Every Teen Driver Should Know

Accident Etiquette: What Every Teen Driver Should Know


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Accident Etiquette: What Every Teen Driver Should Know

Teen drivers are at a higher risk for being involved in a car accident due to their lack of experience on the road. These same teens also do not have adequate experience in what to do when an accident occurs.

It is very important that you instruct your teen on the proper etiquette of an accident so that they are prepared if this scary situation ever happens. What they say and do in the event of an accident can have a very large impact on the outcome of the event.

What To Do When An Accident Occurs

Do Not Leave Scene – Make sure that your teen knows they must stay at the scene of the event. Leaving the scene, even if they claim they did not realize they were not supposed to leave, can cause them to be ticketed for leaving the scene of an accident.

A recent case occurred in Dallas where a group if teens had an accident and all of the teens fled the scene because they were afraid. This caused more problems than necessary for everyone involved. It would have been better for them to have stayed at the scene, consult a Dallas car accident attorney and resolved the case accordingly.

Call The Police – All accidents require the police to be informed and a police report to be filed. The police are also trained to evaluate the accident scene and determine what occurred.

Never Admit Fault – Not Even Partially. Tell your teen it is better to look stupid than to admit fault to the police. Many people will admit fault out of fear, ignorance, or guilt. In actuality, there were many other reasons for the accident. Allow the police to determine the cause of the accident.

Request Medical Care – Make them understand that any injury should be examined by a medical care provider. What may seem like a simple injury could actually be a serious injury.

Call Your Parents – Your parents will be worried about your safety and health and should be called immediately. Additionally, your parents need to know as-soon-as possible about the accident so they can start taking care of the financial and legal issues surrounding the event.

Write Don Everything You Remember – When you get home, take the time to write down everything that you remember about the event. Even things like the weather will make a difference. By writing it all down when you get home, you will not forget important information. You can use this information later when you speak to an attorney.

Being involved in a car accident when you are a new driver is probably scarier than when you are older. Teens strive to make their parents proud, even if they do not openly admit this to their parents. Many will see an accident as a sign of failure and they will panic when an accident occurs.

Prepare your teen for the worst-case-scenario when they begin to drive. This will help them cope during this most difficult time. What they do before you arrive at the scene will impact the outcome of the accident, if they know what to do it will work out for the best.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and parent to new drivers. She has found it essential that her young motorist have adequate accident etiquette. After listening to a Dallas car accident attorney, she realizes the importance of preparing teens for every driving scenario.


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