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A Guide To Being Cool

A Guide To Being Cool


Everyone wants to be cool, we live in a world where you get a lot more respect if socially you are a trendsetter. It is a pretty fickle thing, being “cool” but it is something so many strive towards so I feel it is important to know what it takes to increase your own social status.

There are many ways to address the question but one of the most important angles to take is in regards to the way you dress. Clothing and fashion is something that changes so regularly and it is an extremely fluid and adaptable industry. If you want to be seen as cool it is fundamentally important to wear clothes that are little bit outside of the proverbial box.

Carrying an outfit is essential and the best way to do that is through being confident. Confidence really is the key, if you believe in the way you look then other people certainly will do to and after all that is what you want. This article will provide my top tips to help you improve your “cool” rating.

guide being cool A Guide To Being Cool


You have got to have a style that is all your own, if you have this then you will immediately be classed in the “cool” bracket. It is something that so many of us want, to have that social acceptance is a really nice feeling and it just makes like that little bit better.

We live in a world that is extremely competitive and people don’t like giving others compliments, people are very selfish and are out for themselves. However, something that people do notice is fashion and style, if you have this people are willing to put their hands up and admit you are a trendsetter.

There are so many companies out there that offer garments that really can help with your overall image and help you branch out into the cool category. It is important to have your own ideas about things, do your research online and formulate your own opinion about what you think looks good and what you think doesn’t.

Having an opinion is essential in the style stakes, if you don’t have your own views then you will just mingle in with the rest.


It is important to be confident, if you are confident in your outfit and the way you look then other people will think the same. We live in a very fickle world and people love to see someone who is confident, it enhances their appeal greatly. If you are looking to master the “cool” image then confidence is a mandatory requirement.

It is the only way you are going to get noticed and obviously this is what you want if you are trying to create a “cool” look. You can get urban clothing at J-Bees and many other high street stores, if you can combine that with a confident personality then you are half way to success.


This is a bit of a strange thing to say but people think you are cooler if you have the above traits and are polite and friendly at the same time. You have got to be seen as approachable, the coolest kids are the most popular and that’s down to personality as well as looks.

Joshua is an author with a degree from London University. He has over 10 years industry experience and loves to write articles about fashion and the way it changes so frequently

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