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4 International Travel Myths Disproved

4 International Travel Myths Disproved


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While planning an international travel vacation can be an exciting time, worries are usually not far behind. From hoping the weather will cooperate to being concerned about getting lost or running short on money, organising a trip has its stressful moments. With that in mind, the following tips and advice will go a long way in debunking four common myths about international travel:

Don’t drink the water

While the idea of trying local cuisine is appealing, many travelers are so afraid of getting “Montezuma’s Revenge,” they will steer clear of all water and many foods. However, while drinking water straight from the tap might not be a wise idea, most well-traveled tourist areas should have drinkable water available. Many hotels have filtered water, which eliminates the need for lugging bottled water around. When trying street vendors, keep an eye on how the food is being prepared, and if it has a lot of local customers, those tend to be some of the better and safer places to eat.

Never travel alone

While striking out on a solo trip might seem a bit scary at first, it’s often well worth it. Those who set off on an adventure by themselves forge their own path and visit only the places meaningful to them. Solo travelers can often learn a lot from chatting with local vendors and other merchants. Instead of relying on your travel partners for conversation, those who travel alone are often more likely to speak with the locals.

You don’t need insurance

As anyone who has ever dealt with some type of travel emergency knows quite well, emergencies don’t read calendars. This is why getting affordable travel insurance is so vital. Purchasing the insurance doesn’t have to put a damper on the trip’s finances; for example, travel insurance from Budget Direct is friendly on the pocketbook and offers travelers valuable peace of mind. In addition, their website offers helpful information on typically unknown coverage uses for travelers. After all, you want to spend your travels gathering fun and enjoyable memories, not stressful ones involving expensive medical bills.

Driving on the “wrong” side of the road is difficult

Sure, it’s a little strange at first to drive on a side of the road you’re not used to, but it’s nothing that should prevent someone from traveling internationally. As a bonus, most people get used to it pretty quickly. A tip to make it all easier: don’t start off driving in major cities—pick up your car in a suburb if you can, and practise on the local roads. Spending a bit more money for an automatic shift is also a good idea. Drivers don’t need to worry about driving a manual shift in an unfamiliar car on a different side of the road.


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