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What’s wrong with sugary snacks?

What’s wrong with sugary snacks?


Almost each of us is sugary snacks lovers. But what do your teeth think about it? Cakes, candies and cookies can cause tooth decay. Lots of invisible bacteria collect in our mouth. Some of them can form plaque on the teeth surface. When sugar gets to your mouth the bacteria turn it into acids that can dissolve the enamel covering your teeth. It is the beginning of cavities development.Fitness Fact Whats wrong with sugary snacks?

Snack smart in order to protect tooth decay

While you make your day allowance, think of what is more important: to eat what you like or to eat what is healthy? Keep in mind those kinds of food that possess more damage to your teeth. Think of how often you eat snacks. You eat it many times a day or just once for dessert? The less sugary snacks you eat, the fewer chances have bacteria to produce acids. But if you can’t give up sugary stuff at all, eat them for a desert after a main meal. And don’t forget to brush your teeth regularly with fluoride toothpaste. Also, don’t forget abot regular check-ups by dentist! This specialist is the one to catch any dental problem associated with improper feeding at an early stage. You may search for dentists in DE or any other state here.

When you’re deciding about snacks, think about:

If you usually eat snack before bedtime, after school or even during the whole day, you are to choose products less sugar and fat content. There are number of tasty and healthy at the same time snacks that don’t destroy your teeth and overall health. Be vigilant and snack smart!
images 7 Whats wrong with sugary snacks?

The smartest choice involves eating fresh fruits, bread, whole-grain crackers or raw vegetables. These products contain less fat. Keeping healthy diet can help to avoid the conditions of tooth decay and lots of others. Each time you want to take a snack, remember the following list of food and make up your own healthy menu.

Make up your menu choosing products from these groups:

Fresh fruits and raw vegetables: Melons, grapefruit, celery, oranges, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, pineapple, carrots, pears, berries, unsweetened fruit and vegetable juices, tangerines.

Grains: tortilla chips, plain bagels, unbuttered popcorn, plain crackers, bread, pretzels, unsweetened cereals, pasta.

Milk and dairy products: low or non-fat yogurt, low or non-fat milk, low or non-fat cottage cheese, low or non-fat cheese.

Meat, seeds and nuts: Sunflower seeds, turkey, sliced meats, nuts, pumpkin seeds, chicken.

Others: Tacos, pizza

Keep in mind and don’t forget to:

Eat sugary foods less often, between main meals try to eat more healthy food, choose non-fat foods related to the basic groups and, of course, floss regularly and brush using fluoride toothpaste after each food intake.

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