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What To Look For As An Investor

What To Look For As An Investor


Being an investor is a job that can result in high profitability but also high losses. It is really down to the particular person, if you have an eye for it then you will go far. You just have to have a strong instinct and knowing when to sell is so very important, loyalty gets you absolutely nowhere in this game.Investments

We live in the internet age and thus much of the business is done online, increasing the speed and efficiency of the whole process, one of the main reasons for the boom in recent years.

So many people see themselves as an “investor”, realistically they are glorified gamblers who have had enough of sports betting.

You have got to be highly numerate and know what to look for in a company, your instinct has to be spot on and you really do have to know what you want from a company.

This article will highlight what those traits are and why they are so important for any investor. There are a lot of online marketplaces and you can find all the information you need there about specific companies as well as the potential to build links with new startup ventures.


You have got to have an idea that has potential to grow and expand into something bigger than its initial structure. This is the thing that investors look for and it is therefore essential that you present yourself in a way that is both innovative and forward thinking. Securing venture capital with Dealmarket and other online investment platforms isn’t easy because of the sheer amount of competition.

Your idea or business plan has to be extremely unique and personal to you and you also have to get this across in your pitch. If you are credible about finding investment for your idea then it just seems logical that you spend a lot of time on your sales pitch.

There may have been many a wonderful idea in the past but without money nowadays you can hardly do anything, it is sad but true, it is the way the world works people.


Having a price in your head is a good idea in my opinion, it can really help you stand out to potential investors. As an investor you will have your own valuation on a service or particular idea and if you both align then the chance of matrimony is much higher.

Obviously don’t overcharge but don’t undersell yourself easier, finding the happy medium can be hard but it will ensure that you don’t get ripped off by investors.


Planning is paramount and if you come up with a very strong business plan then you really can increase your chance of investment. People are much less willing to invest based on hunches nowadays and people want hard facts to back up their opinions.

Spend a lot of time calculating costs and projected growth, it is in my opinion the best way to secure investment interest in the modern world.

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