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What Should You Look For In Your Pool Supply Shop?

What Should You Look For In Your Pool Supply Shop?


A pool supply shop can be a major ally for you. They can supply you with the latest equipment at affordable prices. If you don’t have one in your area, you should try looking online.

There are some things you should look for in your pool supply shop. We list the main factors you should take into account.

should you look for pool What Should You Look For In Your Pool Supply Shop?

A Good Range

Some pool supply shops have narrow ranges of products. You want a choice. This is why you should rarely buy from the manufacturers. They’ll have a very low range of products and only the ones they make. This stops you from being able to compare certain brands. Always buy from retailers who have no problems with stocking multiple brands.


The warranty is something people normally turn their noses up at. It’s something always advertised, but shoppers rarely seem to care about it. It’s your protection if something goes wrong. It’s essentially a guarantee from the seller your product will work for a certain period of time.

With something as expensive as a pool pump or filtration system, this can save you hundreds of dollars if something goes wrong. Your warranty should always last for a year and provide favorable terms.


Obviously, you want to get value for money on every product you buy. You should ensure they charge reasonable prices. Be wary of excessively low prices. This could mean the product is of a lower quality. You don’t want this to happen because it’s going to mean you spend more money since you’re replacing the products so often.

Look for special offers to sweeten the deal. You should see special sales around Christmas or the spring time which you can easily take advantage of. They might come in the form of a special coupon or a blanket offer where you don’t need to do anything.

Proper Support

If something goes wrong, will your store come out to help you? The store clerk might be friendly when he’s selling you something, but it’s no use if he’s nowhere to be found when you need help.

Customer support is an integral part of any retail business. In the case of a land-based shop, you might be able to take your item in and have someone look at it. An online store might have a 24-hour phone line you can call. Whatever the support option, make sure it works well for you.

Online Only – Do They Stock the Product?

Many online stores don’t stock their own products. They send the order to an outsourcing company which does the work for them. Ask them if they stock their own products. If they do, this is a positive sign because it means they can get your order out to you quicker and for less money.

It’s also a sign of their worth. A store which doesn’t have the things it’s selling is essentially a placeholder for the real seller. Most pool owners would rather deal with a company which knows about its products and which controls its own destiny. It’s how you guarantee a certain level of service.

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