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Tips For Your Child’s First Haircut

Tips For Your Child’s First Haircut


You can already hear the screams and see the waterworks that will flow the second your child is sitting in that chair and the hairdresser gets the cape fastened around their neck. You have to take your child for their first haircut, but you have absolutely no idea how to prepare them for the event and, frankly, you know the scene that will unfold will embarrass you. Can you really blame you child for getting upset or scared? Some stranger will be hovering over their head with a sharp object—that is enough to terrify anyone who didn’t know better! The key to getting through this ordeal is to be prepared, that means you as much as your child.

tips for childs first haircut Tips For Your Child’s First Haircut

Why is this Lady Putting Sharp Things by My Head?!

Chances are, you child is old enough to understand some semblance of what is about to happen, so you need to do your best to make this less terrifying to them, explains You need to remember that you have been teaching your child that sharp objects and strangers are both bad things your child needs to stay away from, and now you are about to expose them to both those things in one sitting and expect them to be calm about it.

First thing’s first, it is not a hair cut, say their hair needs to be trimmed or styled—something that doesn’t sound like it is going to hurt. Another good way to prepare is to let your child see that it is not something that hurts, rather than just telling them. Let your child see you get your hair cut before you have theirs cut, that way, they will know you are telling the truth and that they have nothing to be afraid of.

Turn Hair Trim Time into Play Time

Don’t make the actual haircutting event the first time your child is experiencing the whole process—do it at home says Mother Nature Network. At bath time, pretend your fingers are scissors and give your chills a hair trim, or let them ‘play’ hair trim on you with their finger scissors. This way, it is not something they are intimidated by, it is something they have played with you before and they are familiar with. This will help to reduce their fear and anxiety—not to mention the likelihood of a full-blown breakdown—come the actual day of the hair trim.

Make it an Experience for Them

When you go to the hair salon, don’t you like to feel pampered? Did it ever occur to you to make this trip feel special to your child as well? If you have a little girl, bring a fun hair accessory and ask the hair dresser to style her hair afterwards to make her feel special. If you have a boy, try some hair product or even putting in some wash-out hair streaks in his favorite color.

Embrace the First

It is important to remember that your kid’s first haircut will only come once, so don’t spend so much time worrying about the details that you forget that this is their first time. Bring along a camera to capture the moment. After all, there are only so many firsts your child gets to experience and this is one of them.

Margaret is a hair stylist who has been cutting the hair of people of all ages throughout her professional career.

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