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Thanksgiving Roadtrip: 6 ways to Avoid Accidents

Thanksgiving Roadtrip: 6 ways to Avoid Accidents


AOE SNOW RD Thanksgiving Roadtrip: 6 ways to Avoid Accidents

Thanksgiving Roadtrip: 6 ways to Avoid Accidents

Thanksgiving is considered the busiest travel time of the year. More people will return home to celebrate this holiday with their families than any other event. There is something very special about Thanksgiving that brings people home.

With this in mind, drivers will need to take extra precautions while they are on the road to avoid accidents. The following recommendations should help to keep you safe.

1. Don’t drive tired- Everyone wants to get to dinner on time, but it is not worth risking an accident. If you are tired, pull over into a rest area and take a nap. To avoid this type of situation, try leaving earlier and always schedule extra time for unexpected events such as large traffic jams.

2. Try to travel on off days– The Wednesday before and the Sunday after Thanksgiving is the busiest days for travel. Avoiding these travel times reduces your chances for an accident.

3. Avoid your phone– Because it is a family gathering, it is easy to assume that the phone will be ringing with updates on the progress of the celebration and question as to your arrival time. Distracted driving accounts for nearly half of all car accidents. Respond to your voicemail when you stop for gas or to stretch your legs.

4. Check your car– Before you leave, make sure that you have checked your car over thoroughly. Check the oil, transmission fluid and brake fluid. Make sure your washer fluid is filled and that your windshield wiper blades are good. Check tires for correct pressure and that you spare tire is filled and you have a jack and tire-iron. Accidents can occur from faulty maintenance on a car, by checking all of these items, you can prevent this from occurring in most cases.

5. Do not drink and drive– Of course, this is a common tip that everyone understands, but it needs to be included. Alcohol is often a part of celebrations, and everyone needs to remember that it is never safe to drive when you drink.

6. Obey speed limits– The rush to arrive at your Thanksgiving celebration may seem like a reason to exceed the speed limit, but it is not. You need to realize that accidents that occur at higher speed often result in more catastrophic accidents. Cars are harder to control at higher speeds, and reaction times may not be fast enough if something happens.

If you are involved in an accident during your holiday celebration, you should see legal representation, whether it’s from a Miami car accident lawyer or one from New York, so that your rights are protected. Having an attorney manage all the issues for your claim will also allow you to enjoy the remainder of your holiday season.

Thanksgiving is a special time of year that draws families close, and gives everyone a chance to be thankful. It is a time to enjoy a very large meal without guilt and to tell stories of everything that has happened since the last gathering. It is a time to be really happy. Make sure that you arrive to our destination safely by following these road safety rules.

Avid traveler and motorist Molly Pearce is no stranger to holiday traffic on winter roads. She shares this post to provide some tips for holiday road-trippers this season. You can find more info on avoiding and dealing with car accidents by searching the term Miami car accident lawyer online.

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