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Specialty Forms – Why Are they so Important?

Specialty Forms – Why Are they so Important?


about us photo Specialty Forms – Why Are they so Important?Forms are ubiquitous in the business world and are important as a source of pertinent information.  Every company, school, hospital and organization uses forms for different functions.  Forms usually follow a function and a well designed form makes it easy for the user to not only work with different databases but also getting information easy.

How do forms help in a Business?

Forms are used to track inventory, gather information about employees, student grades, update customer information, create and track orders, patient histories, medical histories as well as what medications a patient is on, etc.  The list of uses and benefits to use forms is endless. In other words, the basic purpose of a form is to offer clarity and information to any user in a concise format. 

Ordering Forms

There is a form for every imaginable need.  Thanks to computers, it is not only easy to create forms, it is also easy to print as many as one needs.  Companies and organizations can get in touch with reliable printing companies like Print Link Online and get the forms in accordance to their business needs – in terms of quantity and budgets both without compromising on the quality. Printers also offer customers the facility of uploading their own forms if the needed format is not available.  Some online print companies also offer design services to make it easy for businesses which may not have the personnel or equipment to do so. 

Ordering Process

There are quite a few types of specialty forms to choose from – pocket forms, envelope types and tags and so on and so forth. These are printed on different weights of paper based on the use and need.  Available in different colors, shapes and sizes, the best way to find out what is needed is to look at the website.  Information on pricing, print turnaround time and shipping are all available and a choice can be made accordingly.

Prices quoted for printing do not usually include shipping charges.  Customers can order based on several factors like the –

•                                             Paper weight,

•                                             number of copies required,

•                                             whether punch holes are required for filing

•                                             Numbering of the forms

•                                             2 part / 3 part / 4 part forms etc

The standard colors available in paper are white, pink, yellow and gold.  Printers don’t usually charge extra for printing in color as compared to black and white.  Most of these forms are usually done on carbonless form paper.

Widespread Range of Specialty Forms

Specialty forms are also available in different sizes and continuous forms in case they are required for printers.  Printers also offer business envelopes for sale in bulk.  Envelopes are also available in a variety of colors, sizes, weights, regular and window formats.

Print Link Online also offers its customers discounts for bulk orders; all a customer has to do is to set up an account with them.  They also manufacture these forms at their facility which makes it easy for them to offer expedited customer service.  Check out the sample forms on the website before ordering. Customer service representatives are available on week days and working hours to answer any queries and also help with order placing and tracking.

Print companies usually have a good IT and design team which works with customers to ensure that any forms and other needs/specifications are met. Most print stores offer one stop shopping to customers for all their needs. Printers also ensure that they keep customer information safe, financial as well as their requirements.

Author Bio: The author of this article has been using carbon less paper and specialty forms for the varied printing needs in her line of businesses. With years of experience Print Link Online has emerged to be a successful partner for her businesses.


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