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Sonos Speakers, The Essential Choice

Sonos Speakers, The Essential Choice


Sonos is a collection of audio components and wireless speakers that work together to offer a truly invigorating audio experience. This wireless music system can be controlled with one single application called the Controller App. This controller is used to monitor and control all the speakers and components that are clubbed together to create the music system. Sonos speakers require a dedicated wireless connection to communicate with the device that has Controller App. The compactness and small size of the Sonos speakers can be deceiving, as looking at the size one cannot imagine the features they could have. Sonos facilitates music streaming without any dropouts. Easy setup, wireless operation and full control over the music are some of the features that justify the prices for Sonos speakers.

sonos speakers essential choice Sonos Speakers, The Essential Choice

Features of Sonos Speakers

Few of the startling features of Sonos speakers are as follows:

  • It works over a wireless network that can be used to stream audio from anywhere as far as the connection is available.
  • It can interface with multiple audio sources like phone, laptop, iPod etc. These device need to have the Controller App installed and they become the remote controller for the speakers.
  • Even on different devices music can be accessed through sources like iTunes, Spotify and radio stations. Music libraries can be accessed over cloud.
  • Multiple speakers can be used placing one speaker in different areas and rooms of the house. The speakers can be controlled without actually being in the room through a single device.
  • Speakers in different parts of the house can be synchronized to play the same song or different songs.

Setting up Sonos Speakers 

The set up process for Sonos speakers is extremely simple and the speakers are compatible with the wireless routers. There are no complicated instructions and set up can be completed within a few minutes. Things needed include a bridge, a speaker or multiple speakers, a device like smartphone, tablet or a computer and the controller application. Bridge is the central device for setting up the wireless network for the speakers. It is connected to the wireless router, which creates a point for interacting with the speakers. After the bridge is set up and a speaker registers with the bridge, other speakers can be added. These speakers are cordless and they can be taken from one place to the other without having to unplug them and plug in again.

Types of Sonos Speakers

There are many types of speakers that Sonos provides. Play 1 is a compact size speaker with a robust sound. Play 3 is a versatile speaker with high performance. Play 5 is bigger in size and it is ideal for bigger rooms. Playbar is a long speaker that can be used with the television. Sub is a bass system that works with any of the Sonos speakers. Playbar and sub can be combined for a home theatre experience. This combination can be further clubbed with Play 1 speakers to provide a great sound experience. A Connect is another device that can be clubbed with the stereo to stream music from the stereo.


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