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No Car Needed: Worry Free Vacation?

No Car Needed: Worry Free Vacation?


AOE DISNEY No Car Needed: Worry Free Vacation?

No Car Needed: Worry Free Vacation?

When you go on vacation, you want to be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest without having to worry about issues like navigating busy streets, missing out on sightseeing fun, or even having to drive after drinking at dinner. Rather than take your own personal vehicle on vacation, you can have all the fun you desire when you rely on local transportation that is available to the general public in that location. When you use these modes of transportation, you can have your vacation fun and avoid having worry about traffic concerns in the area.


Most tourist destinations have shuttles available for travelers. Orlando, Florida, one of the largest tourist destinations in the states, has shuttles available from every theme park to most of the hotels in the area. These shuttles can take you to and from wherever you need to go in the local area. You can ride a shuttle from the airport, to your hotel, and around the city to sightsee, enjoy the amusement parks or beaches, and anywhere else your vacation itinerary takes you. Most shuttle services are very affordable and could be included with an inclusive vacation package if you book your trip through a travel agency or travel website.


Most urban areas also have taxis readily available throughout the day. You could hail a taxi directly from your hotel or call for a ride if you need to reserve a taxi for a specific time of the day. Taxi drivers can give great advice about where to eat, what sights to see, and how to make the most of your time in the area. Taxi rides are also relatively affordable and save you the hassle of having to drive on busy and unfamiliar roads.

Metro buses

Big cities also have metro buses that can pick you and your family up in front of your hotel or at local sightseeing attractions. You can pick up a metro schedule when you check into your hotel or you could download one and print it off at home before you leave for vacation. Bus rides are famous for being cheap and readily available throughout the day. Some metro lines even offer services during the nighttime hours.


New York City, Philadelphia, and other major cities all have subway systems that tourists often find fascinating and fun to use. If you have never before ridden a subway, you may have a unique vacation experience when you take a ride on one of these transportation vessels and journey through the city alongside native residents. Many tourists make it a point to take at least one ride on the subway before they depart the area.

Having alternate modes of transportation while on vacation can be a great way to enjoy your trip to the fullest. You can enjoy a drink without worrying about driving and avoid dealing with traffic and parking. If you do not use alternate transportation and have a drink before driving, the results could be disastrous. As Katz & Phillips, P.A., an Orlando attorney says,” being arrested for DUI away from home can significantly complicate the situation”. Why take the chance when so many other alternatives are available.

When you go on vacation, you may want to have the experience of a lifetime without the hassle and worry that goes along with driving yourself. If you would prefer to focus on the sights, sounds, and vibe of the area rather than figure out traffic routes and deal with hectic roads, you would do well to make use of any of the popular transportation choices that are available to the general public. You can save time, money, and frustration when you use these modes of transportation while you are on vacation.

Former Florida resident, writer Melanie Fleury, watched many tourists get pulled over in the tourist areas of town, including her own family while visiting. She searched the website of Katz & Phillips, P.A. to learn more about the laws in Florida and the options available for tourists.

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