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Mommy Me-time: How To Claim it!

Mommy Me-time: How To Claim it!


AOE SUPA MOM Mommy Me time: How To Claim it!

Mommy Me-time: How To Claim It!

Moms today often keep hectic schedules that leave little time for rest and relationships. However, when you are the mother of an infant, you may want to spend as much time with your baby as possible. All too soon, your infant’s baby years will fly by and you will be left missing the days that you took for granted during your busy schedule. Rather than look back on those years with regret, you can make the time for your baby and enjoy their infancy by claiming your mommy time and using these strategies each day to help you make the most of your baby’s infancy.

Invest In A Play Yard

When you are at home doing housework, balancing the checkbook, or carrying out any other number of household tasks, you can keep them close and enjoy their presence by investing in a play yard for babies. A play yard lets you handle your daily tasks while giving your baby a place to play and rest. You can sing or talk to your baby or simply enjoy hearing your infant play and babble while spending time in the play yard. This baby necessity lets you and your baby stay close to each other as you focus on your household obligations.

Schedule Family Time

Just as you would schedule a business meeting or a doctor’s appointment, you can also make time for your family and baby by scheduling family time into your busy schedule. Family time has unfortunately become such a luxury that many families lack the spontaneity to enjoy each others presence during the day. You and your family may have so much going on during any given day that you barely see each other in passing. When you take the time to schedule family days together, you and your loved ones can spend time with each other and with the new baby in the family.

Cut Back On Commitments

When a new baby comes into your family, some of your most pressing commitments may seem less interesting and urgent. In fact, you may have no desire to carry out some of your “usual” plans any longer. Rather than try to keep up with activities or employment that suits your new role as a mother, you can make time for your baby by letting some of these obligations fall by the wayside. Cutting back on social groups, work projects, and other activities can give you the time you need to bond with and raise your baby.

Assign Family Roles

With the addition of a new baby, it is entirely reasonable that your spouse and other children would be expected to help out around the home. You can make mommy time for your baby by assigning chores and family roles for each member of the household. You should not be expected to carry out every duty in the house. Your kids and spouse can help you so that you can recover from childbirth and bond with the new baby.

These ideas can help you claim mommy time with your infant. This important time lets you bond with your baby and allows you to transition into your role as a new mother.

Nadine Swayne presents these tips to new moms to help them claim “Mommy-time.” Some will structure life by the hour and others will simply use a play yard for babies to wrangle in time and activities. Whatever the plan, it’s sure to be a masterful one when it comes to a busy family!

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