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How To Safely Tell Pests to Buzz Off & Deal with Bug Bites

How To Safely Tell Pests to Buzz Off & Deal with Bug Bites


How To Safely Tell Pests to Buzz Off & Deal with Bug Bites

Dealing with bug bites

With autumn in full swing and winter not far behind, now is the time to lay the garden beds to rest and ready the house for the cooler season ahead. While you make adjustments to keep the cold out, pests and bugs may be making their way inside to set up a cozy home for the winter. Our home remedies for bug bites and tips to keep bugs outside can keep your home pest free this season. Remember, even with dozens of home remedies to try, a professionally scheduled pest control inspection is always a great idea, especially if you have kids in the house.

Tell bugs to buzz away with essential oils

Mosquitoes, flying ants and other winged insects can easily sneak into unsealed nooks and crannies. You can keep these pests at bay by creating an essential oil barrier around potential entry points without risking inhalation of harmful chemicals in the home. Spraying entry points twice daily during the cooler season will not only keep bugs from flying in but also landing a bite on you.

How to create a natural repellent:

  1. In a clean spray bottle, add 1 cup of water, 1/8 cup of white vinegar and shake.
  2. Add essential oils of pine, eucalyptus, mint and clove. Shake vigorously and voila, natural insect repellent.

Mountain Rose Herbs offers a wide selection of essential oils and tips on how to protect yourself from bug bites.

Home remedies for when they bite

Those winged creatures are also clever at landing a bug bite or two while you’re not looking. For quick relief that’s safe for the entire family, try the following natural remedies:

  • Raw aloe gel – One of the most multitasking plants you can have thriving in the house is the aloe vera succulent. At the first sign of a bite, break off about an inch of aloe and gently apply sap from broken end to bite. You can keep your in-use piece fresh by storing in the refrigerator.
  • Calendula cream – This homeopathic cream is great to have on hand to soothe inflammation and irritation after a bug bite. It also acts as an antiseptic. ABC Homeopathics is an excellent resource for creating your own insect bite creams at home.

Keep bugs in the yard and out of the home.

  • Move or remove yard debris – While you’re preparing your gardens and yard for the winter, be sure to remove big piles of leaves or debris. You can create a natural garden fertilizer by mowing over leaves to spread them around, or rake and remove them to prevent insects from laying eggs and reproducing. Remember to take your yard shoes off to prevent bringing eggs into the house.
  • Keep standing water at a minimum – Mosquitoes love standing water and will be increasingly attracted to it as it continues to stand since they rely on it to potentiate their lifecycle according to Rutgers Public Health. Standing water allows mosquitoes to reproduce and find their way into your house. Filter out water before it’s allowed to stand and create bacteria, or freeze and thaw. Bail out water and replace with sand to repel those pests.

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