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How to make printed mugs

How to make printed mugs


Photo mugs have emerged as one of the best items to gift someone on an occasion. There is no better gift than a stylish coffee mug with beautiful graphics printed on it. Moreover, they have a wide range of purposes that they can be used for. But a lot of people often wonder about how to make or get a cool, stylish and vivid printed mug. This article talks about the simple process about how can one make a printed photo mug on his or her own. The steps are explained below.
prod mug classic How to make printed mugs

  1. Mug Selection

The first and foremost thing to consider or look for in the beginning is to select a mug. There are a lot of mugs that are available in the market in various sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. One may look for an appropriate shape and size as needed but should be very particular about the back ground color of the mug for it should match with the photo or design to be made over it. Ceramic mugs are preferred a lot over the others because of their simple texture and easy image transfer that makes the complete process a lot more easier.

  1. Select the design/picture/photo.

The next step involved after a mug has been selected is to look for the design or picture that is to be printed on the mug. This is a very important step as it is highly noticed once the process is complete. One may surf a lot to get the pictures to fashion the mugs, but it is necessary to keep in mind a few factors:

  • The pictures should be in printable format. Depending on the storage method of the photos, they may require conversion or scanning in some cases. One may need a scanner to scan pictures or a high quality image converter to change the format of images from one to another. These two are the major challenges faced during the process of making printed mugs.


  1. Printing

The next step involved is to print the selected image on a special kind of paper to transfer it on hard surface of the mug. These papers are often called “decal paper” or “transfer paper” in technical terms.

  1. Fixing of the image on the surface of the mug

One may decide the spot where the image is desired and fix the image on that spot. The paper that is bought for this purpose always has suitable information on it regarding what to do to transfer the picture from that paper to the hard surface of the mug.

  1. Sealing the image on the surface

This is the final step of the process that requires the image to be sealed on the mug so that it does not wear or was away during water cleaning. Two primary methods are often followed for this sealing. One is to heat the mug so that the image gets sealed on it or to use a resin to put a coat on the mug and seal it that ways.

Thus, by following these simple steps one may be able to make custom printed mugs.


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