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Happy Healthy Lawn: Tips For Winter Care

Happy Healthy Lawn: Tips For Winter Care


AOE GRASS Happy Healthy Lawn: Tips For Winter Care
Happy Healthy Lawn: Tips For Winter Care

Experienced landscapers know that property owners must be diligent about their lawn care throughout the year, even during the wintertime when most vegetation falls dormant until spring. Even with the dormancy of wintertime, a lawn still needs adequate attention if its owner expects it to bounce back to life when spring arrives.

If people have never really given much thought to wintertime lawn care, they may be surprised to find out how easy it can be to take care of their lawns during the cold winter season. When they want a beautiful green lawn with the arrival of spring, property owners are encouraged to follow these lawn care steps.

Spread Fertilizer and Mulch

Despite its appearance of being dead or dormant, the grass in a person’s yard is still very much alive during the Atlanta winter season. When that property owner wants to protect the lawn from freezing and provide it with sustenance to continue thriving during the winter months, he or she is encouraged to spread mulch or fertilizer across the lawn. The nutrients in these components will provide the nourishment the grass needs to respond to the arrival of spring and transform into a healthy green lawn.

Plant Flower Bulbs

Even though the lawn is dormant and the soil hardened, people can still plant flower bulbs for the upcoming spring season. Getting the bulbs in the ground now can give them time to adjust to the soil’s chemical makeup and put down roots that will help them sprout with the arrival of the warmer weather. Further, the winter moisture can provide the bulbs with enough water to stay alive and prepare for growing in the spring.

Put in Seedling Trees and Bushes

Just as a person may want to plant flower bulbs,they may also want to place seedling trees and bushes in the ground during the wintertime. By placing the trees and bushes in the ground during the wintertime, the property owner can help these fixtures adjust to the yard and also help them put down roots for healthy growth during the springtime. Many varieties of trees and bushes in fact survive quite well during the chilly Atlanta winters.

Water the Lawn

Many people forget to water their lawns during the winter months. They think that the snow and ice will be enough for their lawns to stay healthy and growing. However, during mild winters or winters that have little moisture, it is important that people remember to hydrate their lawns. A thirsty lawn may easily die and lose growth once spring arrives. According to one company that offers lawn care Atlanta and surrounding areas, one inch a week is the standard amount of water that is needed. People who fail to water their lawns during the Atlanta winter may have to re-seed their properties once warmer weather arrives.

Wintertime does not mean that lawn care comes to an end. Experienced landscapers can tell people that their lawns need regular care and attention during the winter despite the cold, snow, and rain. When people want a healthy lawn with the arrival of spring, they are encouraged to remember these basic and easy winter lawn care tips.

Writer Melanie Fleury is a Georgia native that has seen her lawn go through times of drought and flood. With a husband with a green thumb, she enjoys seeing the fruits of his labor pay off in the spring. They have often used a service that offers lawn care Atlanta based. Making sure that your lawn receives proper care ensures that you have a great lawn year after year.

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