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Failed Hip Replacement? Know Your Rights

Failed Hip Replacement? Know Your Rights


courthouse Failed Hip Replacement? Know Your Rights

Failed Hip Replacement? Know Your Rights

With more than 800,000 people aged 50 and over having hip replacements each year in this country, it is generally assumed that this surgery is safe and effective. Indeed, most patients enjoy renewed energy and better movement after their surgeries are completed and they are fully recovered. However, as with any major surgery, hip replacement operations are not without their risks. In fact, one popular model of hip replacement equipment came under scrutiny among the healthcare community and is now being actively recalled by the manufacturer.

If you were a recipient of hip replacement equipment manufactured by Stryker, you are encouraged to find out if your particular model has been recalled and what your rights are in the aftermath of this event. To get more details about the recall, search the internet for terms like Stryker hip recall.

Voluntary Recall

Stryker has voluntarily recalled its Rejuvenate and ABG II models, both of which have been frequently used in hip replacement surgeries across the country. This equipment has been found to corrode easily inside the body and potentially damage tissues and the blood supply. Along with tissue and blood infections, people who have been adversely affected by this equipment also have suffered extensive pain and swelling in their hips. If you have suffered unusual pain, swelling, or other symptoms after your surgery, you are encouraged to speak with your doctor right away.

Blood Tests and X-Rays

Even if your doctor thinks that you are fine and that your surgery was a success, you are entitled as a patient to insist on having blood tests done to determine if you have contracted a blood or tissue infection around your incision. Doctors have no way of knowing for sure if your replacement has caused an infection other than to do blood tests on patients. Along with a blood test, you are encouraged to have x-rays done on your hip replacement to determine if it has corroded and become damaged in any way. If your doctor is reluctant to pursue these tests, you should seek a second opinion or even pursue the matter with your doctor’s superiors.

Contact a Legal Professional

Many patients take for granted their right to legal representation when their medical treatments go awry. If you have fallen victim to a hip replacement gone wrong, you would be well advised to hire a medical attorney right away to represent you in this matter. Your doctor has several attorneys ready to represent him or her in a medical malpractice action; it is only right that you should have the same rights if you have suffered because of your faulty hip replacement equipment.

Your attorney can get all of your medical records, serial numbers to your hip replacement devices, blood and x-ray test results, and other medical information that will bolster your case in court. Your attorney can also take action against the manufacturer if necessary. Rather than submit to being a victim of this recalled hip replacement equipment, you can hire an attorney and fight for the compensation to which you are rightfully entitled.

Many people in this country each year undergo hip replacement operations. While most equipment is safe, other models of replacement devices have been recalled. If you are the victim of recalled devices, you can secure your rights by taking these suggestions and hiring an attorney.

Writing about well-being is one of Teresa Stewart’s interests. While browsing topics about mobility, she found that attorneys for the Stryker hip recall believe victims should be compensated for any pain and suffering experienced from the faulty implant.

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