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DUI Plea-Bargains: Is this a Wise Choice?

DUI Plea-Bargains: Is this a Wise Choice?


AOE GAVEL DUI Plea Bargains: Is this a Wise Choice?

DUI Plea-Bargains: Is this a Wise Choice?

Being convicted of a DUI can cause you to deal with several legal, professional and personal issues. However, it is also important to recognize when you have placed yourself into the unfortunate position of being obviously guilty. For example, if you were the at-fault driver in a traffic accident that caused a fatality, you are likely to face legal issues regardless of whether or not the prosecution can prove that you were intoxicated.

Therefore, it is sometimes the best option to consider taking a plea bargain instead of going to trial. After all, with an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side, you are likely to get a greatly reduced sentence and fee structure if you accept a plea bargain.

How do Plea Bargains Work?

In many cases, the prosecution will offer an individual who is facing DUI charges the opportunity to accept a less severe legal punishment if they are willing to accept responsibility for their actions. This works to everyone’s advantage because the court system does not need to be tied up with your case, and you will have the opportunity to walk away from the incident without incurring the maximum penalty.

However, you will still need to face several other complications that a DUI conviction can cause, including the possibility that you could lose your job and experience a significant increase your car insurance premium. There are some instances when admitting fault and accepting a plea bargain is definitely the best course of action to take.

For example, a Connecticut man was offered a plea deal after he received his fifth DUI in Massachusetts. Tragically, the incident in question claimed the life of a woman in the other vehicle. Because of this, the responsible driver is facing a long list of criminal charges, including motor vehicle homicide. Although it is possible that the defendant could win in court, the odds of him receiving a not guilty verdict have been greatly reduced due to his history of DUI offenses. Therefore, the person in that situation would’ve most likely received the best possible verdict by allowing an experienced DUI Massachusetts criminal defense attorney to try and work out a plea-bargain arrangement.

Is a Plea Bargain Always a Wise Choice?

If you have never been convicted of a DUI before, it might actually make more sense to go through the legal system. After all, without a history of DUI offenses to drag you down, you will have a much better chance of getting an acquittal. However, it is imperative to discuss your case in its entirety with your attorney to help you determine whether or not you are in a good position to win. Keep in mind that plea bargains are only offered for a limited period of time, so if the prosecutor offers you this opportunity, you will need to be prepared to carefully weigh the pros and cons of saying yes.

Regardless of whether or not you decide to utilize a plea bargain, it will be critical to have an experienced DUI lawyer at your side throughout the entire process. After all, the outcome of your case will have a major impact on the rest of your life.

Lisa Coleman shares what a plea-bargain is and how settling with one can affect the outcome of a case. She recently read online how a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney group could counsel and represent a client during a plea-bargain case following a DUI charge.

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