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Creating New Traditions

Creating New Traditions


As temperatures begin their steady decent into winter and we fall back on our clocks, there is no mistaking that the holiday season will soon be upon us. While we all have our own traditions during this time of year, you may also want to consider creating some new traditions. Perhaps this holiday season will offer you an opportunity to mix the old with the new in order to create lasting memories. Some ideas you may want to consider are baking a new dish or holding your family meals in a new location. You may even think about taking a vacation to somewhere like the Wisconsin Dells Resorts.

creating new traditions Creating New Traditions

Expanding Your Kitchen

Every family has staples that are sure to be on the table whenever everyone is together whether it’s during the holidays or for another occasion. One way to create a new culinary tradition is adding your own spin on the traditional table spread. Perhaps you have taken to making homemade candy during 2013. There is no better way to show off your new skills to a captive audience then at a family gathering. You may even want to ask people out of the blue questions such as what is their favorite type of chocolate or if you have an older family member ask them about a candy they have not had in years. Use this information in your candy making selections and not only will the presentation look beautiful, but it will also be personalized.

Gather at a New Location

This new tradition can be especially helpful if there have been major events in the life of your family during this year. For instance, perhaps someone has married and moved into their own home. Maybe a family member has had a new little one or two and decided they need a bigger home to accommodate their own growing family. It may be a great year to allow someone else to host the holiday festivities.

If you would like the chance to carry on a long standing tradition of going to specific home for the day, you may want to let someone else host the meal and then have the traditional location host desert.  Just remember that whether you are holding the festivities at one or more locations make sure each involved is large enough to fit everyone comfortably.

Go on Vacation

The idea of going on vacation during the holiday season may seem a little strange since this time of year is primarily for family and friends. However, just because you may not be following your annual routine does not mean you can’t have time with them. Invite them! Perhaps you can go away for one holiday and follow traditions for another. There are a wide variety of locations you may choose to start this new tradition in. One you may want to consider especially if you have children or other family members that have already been missing the thrills of a waterpark is the Wisconsin Dells Resorts.

Whether you are traveling to a new location, expanding your culinary skills or someone else is going to host the festivities enjoy them! Don’t forget your camera to record and capture memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

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