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Creating A Successful Brand

Creating A Successful Brand


There are always people talking about the power of a brand, but this power doesn’t happen overnight.

There is more to just a nice looking logo and a catchy slogan; it includes publicity, offline and online marketing, as well as a great brand name. Many people think that the role of design is to make something look good, but in fact it’s to actually make something useful. Don’t get me wrong, the aesthetic appeal is a good start but it is never the end goal.

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This is why good brand design should incorporate these three important things:

  1. It needs to make things clear to its audience.  A website, a good one at least, will possess a lot of content, but it is about representing this in the best way possible in order to make it clear and simple, getting your message across to your target demographic. If you can answer questions, before they are asked, you have somewhat succeeded.


When you think about it, as a customer you enjoy it when things are clarified, it makes you happy. If a piece of information is missed or not read correctly, you could lose a customer. A clear message is vital.


  1. It should impress and delight the audience. Making a good first impression is important, but so are the second and the third times. When people are delighted with your brand, they come back. On the flip side, when we are not impressed with a service, brand or product, we may not return, often advising others not to go there too.


When trying to delight, the visual design of the brand should be great to look at, but it should also have a message which is easily understood.


  1. Reassurance. Great design and usability speaks a thousand words. It shows that the brand or company is reputable and knows what it is doing. Trust of the customers will improve when the details are correct which will mean they are more likely to leave their personal details with you etc.


Trust plays such a huge part in customer relationships; McDonalds have such a huge trust among their customers because they have been around for some time and have restaurants everywhere. Their brand is now established as one of the biggest in the public eye and this all had to start somewhere. We fully understand that your brand isn’t going to be up to McDonalds’ stature overnight but if you do get all of the fundamentals right, you’ll start on the best foot, especially if you are a start-up.

These are the three important things that you should consider about your brand design. Not every company will hit the mark all the time, every time but it’s about aiming for the right thing from the very start.

If you can’t think of a design which speaks a thousand words, you could always turn to a brand design agency to help you with it. Ultimately, you want to turn your brand into a successful one and by following these simple steps, you can definitely improve your chances.




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