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Company Parties: 4 Ways to NOT Become a Liability

Company Parties: 4 Ways to NOT Become a Liability


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Company Parties: 4 Ways to NOT Become a Liability

The holiday season is filled with many celebrations, including those given by your employer. These company celebrations are often elaborate gatherings filled with food and alcohol. While employees are expected to attend, it is very important that you do not make yourself a liability to the company while in attendance.

It is easy to assume that you may want to have a drink or two when you attend an employer’s party. Alcohol, however, can lead to some types of behaviors that may place you and your company in an awkward position. Avoid the following situations to protect yourself, your reputation, and your company.

1) Sexual Harassment – Many people are prone to be more expressive with their feelings when they have been drinking. However, sexual harassment still applies even at a holiday gathering. You may think that your actions are appropriate at the time, only to find yourself in the HR department Monday receiving your pink slip.

Becoming amorous towards a fellow employee could also result in many other problems within the office setting, even if they do not report you for sexual harassment. It is always better to avoid this type of situation at all costs.

2) Divulging Secrets – You may have a lot of information about your company, its projects, or the employees that should never go any further than you thoughts. Alcohol, however, often loosens lips and people begin to talk about things that they have no right to divulge.

You can become a true liability in the form of lost revenue if a project is disclosed, or for slander if gossip is started, if you begin to talk too much when you have been drinking.

3) Sharing Opinions – May people also find that they become braver when they have had a few drinks. If you find that you are one to tell people your opinion after you have been drinking, it may be advisable to avoid the bar at the party. Telling off employees or management can lead to problems on your very next work day.

4) DUI – If you leave the party with too much to drink and cause an accident, your employer can also be held responsible for the damages you have caused by allowing you to leave the party intoxicated.Known as the barkeepers law in Orlando, people who serve alcohol and allow intoxicated drivers to leave are liable for their actions.

Countless drivers have found themselves in this unfortunate situation and have had to consult with defense attorneys like Katz & Phillips, P.A. to help sort through the matter successfully.  If you do not cause an accident and are just arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), your employer will not be held liable, but it will reflect poorly on your job.

The best thing that you can do when you attend an company sponsored party is remain on your best behavior all evening and opt for soda instead of alcohol. If you do want an alcohol based drink, make sure that you make it last and stretch out the times between each serving.

The holidays are about celebrating and having a good time, they are not about jeopardizing your job and causing harm to yourself and your employer.

Jamica Bell is a blogger with a background in Human Resource management. She contributes this article to highlight the importance of mindful behavior at company parties. During her research, she found the blog of Katz & Phillips, P.A. to be a great resource for exploring the consequences of DUI’s, especially after corporate gatherings.


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