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Clothes For The BF This Christmas, What Should You Get?

Clothes For The BF This Christmas, What Should You Get?


Male fashion is continually evolving, finally putting to rest the old cliché of nothing changing but the lapels. Now, men’s clothing styles are as diverse as the men who wear them. Now, men can use their clothing to establish their image and develop their own style. But with Christmas coming up, it’s really a case of wondering what labels should you go for? What designers are the top, today?

Billionaire Boys Club

clothes for this christmas should Clothes For The BF This Christmas, What Should You Get?
Perhaps foremost in the chic, trendy look for young men is the Billionaire Boys Club. These t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, pants, jackets, shorts, shoes, and accessories work together to provide a you with comfortable, durable clothing in the newest style. Many of their clothes are constructed for skaters, with reinforcement and padding. The nylon and cotton blended materials are capable of taking a beating without being destroyed. Their Higgins pant is cuffed at the ankle and ripstop fabric. They also make a track jacket and a cooper jacket, among others, providing you with plenty of choices.

Fred Perry

clothes for this christmas should1 Clothes For The BF This Christmas, What Should You Get?

If you prefer a more buttoned-down look without crossing over into the pear-shaped category, check out Fred Perry. These polo shirts and button-down shirts walk right into the more casual office setting while still establishing you as a man who knows what he likes.
Perry gives the letter jacket a new spin with the Raf Simons line. The cable pattern shirt is new, again, too, with this designer, giving you the chance to revel in the tradition of decades ago while stating a new style. You can sport a newly fashioned collegiate cardigan, or pullover sweaters made in crew neck or v-neck styles. They come with and without the collegiate stripes on the sleeves, and are great for layering. Add the Raf Simons duffle coat and a pair of slim-fit trousers, and you have the newest look for the young businessman or student.

Hugo Boss Orange

clothes for this christmas should2 Clothes For The BF This Christmas, What Should You Get?
For a more outdoorsman look, consider Hugo Boss Orange. These quilted jackets, leather bomber-style jackets, and flannel style shirts are rugged, yet young. Skinny-legged pants and lace-up workboots complete the look, along with stylish scarves and knit hats.
You can dress up the look with a sports jacket and button down shirt, with your slacks rolled up at the ankle. Jeans predominate, here, but dress slacks make an appearance, as well so that you can Boss your way into the workplace, as well.

Paul Smith Jeans

More than jeans, Paul Smith Jeans provides you with just about any look you want. From a black polka dot, button-up shirt to t-shirts, you can sport some of the most trendy looks for causal and work wear. You’ll find tailored shirts for work with updated prints, such as the scribble or paisley prints. Dip-dyed shirts and the zebra logo sweaters are other popular items in this line. And, don’t forget that Paul Smith Jeans provides your winter coat, as well!

These are just the tip of the iceberg. There is still Hackett, C.P. Company, Y-3, and many more men’s fashions to choose from.

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