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Are You Having Fun While Caring For Your Lawn? It Can Be Done!

Are You Having Fun While Caring For Your Lawn? It Can Be Done!


Were you ever responsible for raking the lawn as a child? Those aren’t fond memories, are they, of your hours of toiling with a rake, followed by the tedium of leaf removal, stuffing all that crunchy, crumbling lawn detritus into plastic bags. As an adult, have you ever felt like taking care of a lush, green lawn was much more trouble than it was worth? Do you fantasize in idle moments about giving up and hiring a contractor to pave over the whole darn thing?

are you having fun caring Are You Having Fun While Caring For Your Lawn? It Can Be Done!

You’re already grimly aware that lawn care is a year-round responsibility. In spring, you have to clean up your property after a winter of inclement weather, and then reseed. Throughout the summer, there’s irrigation, mowing, and the disposal of grass clippings. Then each year the return of autumn brings apple cider, new school supplies, a refreshing chill to the air, and brilliant pigmentation to the leaves of deciduous trees. It’s almost as if those red, orange, and yellow swatches of color have minds of their own, leaping down from the branches one by one to explore your yard. Wouldn’t it be great if the leaves then had the capacity to move on to their next destination without any intervention on your part? Genetic engineers are doubtlessly hard at work on a solution to this pressing problem. Until scientists make that big breakthrough towards leaves that scoot themselves straight into the trash bin, leaf removal remains the responsibility of gardeners, landscapers, and homeowners.

But guess what? Taking care of your lawn doesn’t have to resemble to the chore you dreaded as a kid. Affordable technology is available that will make all the difference in your attitude towards and experience of the grounds-keeping you currently want to avoid. Today’s gardening machines go far beyond simple rideable mowers–which can be a lot of fun. Instead of breaking your back pushing a rake over every inch of your property, you can just ride above it all, turning your steering wheel. It’s almost like a ride in your very own amusement park–wheeee!

Of course, there’s more to lawn upkeep than mowing. What about all those clippings once you’re done? What about all the autumn leaves? What about pine cones and fallen twigs? There’s no reason to stoop down and push everything into bags by hand any more, thanks to contemporary lawn vacuums. They will swoop up all those materials for you and more, with ease, and you don’t have to do much other than sit there and steer. Lawn vacuums are also great for the environment for several reasons. They pick up the seeds of weeds, so you can reduce or even omit the use of toxic weed killers. And the right vacuums can break down all the organic materials they pick up into sizes fit for mulching, which will take up far less space than a bag of intact leaves headed straight for the landfill.

Lawn vacuums are for more than merely improving the appearance of the expanse of your yard, though. They can be used to clean up areas it’s impossible to drive a mower over. The scraggly ivy patch you’ve been meaning to clear away for years? Gone in minutes. If you have unsightly debris on your deck, or you are in a grove of trees, your new lawn vacuum will happily devour that for you, and still be hungry for more.

In conclusion, yes, it’s entirely possible to enjoy leaf removal and other property care activities. Just ask Santa for a lawn vacuum this holiday season!

Cheryl is a lawn care expert who specializes in outdoor renovations for both homeowners and business owners.

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