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After the Car Accident – Use a Mobile App

After the Car Accident – Use a Mobile App


accidentapp After the Car Accident – Use a Mobile App\

A car accident is a nerve wracking situation to be in, and it can be difficult to think clearly during its aftermath. After the assessment of injuries, you probably wish you had something available to help you properly document this frightening occurrence. Thanks to the latest technological advances, your smartphone applications can aid in capturing the event.

Car Accident Report

While it seems that the traffic related accidents and fatalities in South Carolina are on the decline, you’ll still want to be prepared in the event of a vehicle accident. Recording your information accurately can help your insurance company record your claim. But one South Carolina attorney says, “Don’t make the mistake of trying to deal with the insurance company yourself.” So the accurate records can also help in the event that you need to hire a Charleston car accident lawyer to recoup losses for your injuries and damage to the vehicle.

Car Accident Report is a handy smartphone application that can record important information related to your crash. Important items such as driver details, photos, video, vehicle documentation and witness accounts can all be utilized via the application.


Another smartphone application you won’t want to be without includes iWrecked. Most users like the easy accessibility and sharp looking interface. It also helps when recording your insurance and vehicle information related to your car accident. The app will remind you of important details such as taking photos, witnesses and information related to the driver. The application also stores the necessary information for you and organizes it. When you need to get the documentation to the appropriate people to file your claim, users find it extremely valuable. It also showcases call buttons of individuals you may need to contact in case of an emergency such as family members, law enforcement officials and ambulances.

Help I Crashed My Car

This handy cellphone application allows users to store the necessary information that includes their contacts, insurance provider and vehicle information in the event of a vehicle accident. If an accident occurs, the “Help I Crashed My Car” smartphone application has it stored properly and allows the user easy access. It also has a handy GPS feature in case you’re injured, and you need your location recorded and documented.

The checklists are easy to use and allow you to fill the information related to the car crash. The application is also compatible with your camera and notifies you of when to take pictures of the crash site. You can also take audio notes and implement diagrams related to the accident. When you’re ready, you can email the important details to the people associated with the accident such as your attorney, police department and insurance provider. It also has useful links for any services that you may need afterward such as a rental car company and repair shops.

Smartphone applications have allowed consumers to play games, order food and stay organized. They can also aid individuals who have experienced a vehicle accident by providing users with an easy checklist of information related to the crash. With the right documentation, you’ll find the associated parties related to the accident will be able to access the information and process your claim in a timely manner.

Teresa Stewart enjoys researching helpful new smartphone technologies for drivers. In the case of a Low Country auto mishap, for more information, search Charleston car accident lawyer online for experienced legal counsel.

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