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5 Ways to Speed Up a Car Accident Claim

5 Ways to Speed Up a Car Accident Claim


AOE CRASH 5 Ways to Speed Up a Car Accident Claim

5 Ways to Speed Up a Car Accident Claim

The claim process for receiving compensation from a car accident can be a long and complicated. It is believed that the insurance companies have designed the claims process in this manner to confuse and discourage people from making claims. It has also been suggested that the claim process is set up in such a manner that most people do not receive full and fair compensation and are unaware that they have been shorted.

While these statements are just a common belief and not actual written policy, it cannot be stated that these assumptions are actually factual. But why take the chance? If you have been involved in a car accident, it is recommended that you seek legal representation. The following tips are ways an attorney can help with the claims process when it comes to compensation following an accident.

1. The Modified Comparative Fault Rules

Some states, such as Texas, have the modified fault rule that is applied to all insurance claims. For example, if you are filing a $100,000 claim for compensation, and it is found that you are 30 percent responsible for the accident; your claim will be modified by 30 percent for a new claim amount of $70,000.

If it is found that you are responsible for 50 percent or more of the accident, your claim will be denied. Having an experienced TX attorney to where your accident occurred will help ensure that the correct percentage of fault, if any, is applied to your case. One San Antonio auto accident attorney firm states “Lawyers know exactly how to communicate with insurance companies to help an injured driver receive the appropriate medical compensation, as well as any other types of compensation that are warranted.”

2. The Compensation Amount is Fair

An attorney can review any and all offers made by the insurance company to make sure that they are fair. All-too-often, insurance companies will make low-ball offers or only compensate for a portion of their obligations.

3. Deadlines Will be Met on Time

Many claims for compensation, especially those that go to trial, have specific guidelines for the time line that documents must be submitted to the Court and to the opposing party. Missing deadlines can cause the case to be dismissed.

4. Better Understanding Of The Process

The claims process can often be long and confusing. By having legal representation, you can have all of your legal questions answered so that you can make informed choices about your case.

5. Compliance with All the Laws

There are several laws that are specific to car accident compensation in the state of Texas, as well as specific laws requiring insurance companies to honor the terms and conditions of their policies. It is very easy for many of the rules and regulations to be “overlooked” and for the victim of an accident not to receive everything they are entitled to under the law.

As you can see, there are several benefits to hiring an attorney to represent you when you are making a claim for compensation. Perhaps the largest benefit to hiring an attorney is the sense of relief you will have in knowing that the entire process is in the hands of a professional. With all of the chaos you have had to endure since your accident, the sense of relief you will feel will be most welcome.

Lisa Coleman shares some tips on how an experienced legal representative can help make a difference in an accident claim. She recently viewed online how a San Antonio auto accident attorney could help receive a full and fair compensation for such a claim.

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