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5 safest cars for long journey

5 safest cars for long journey


When going on for a long journey, it is vital that you select a car that is safe, so that you are not concerned or worried about the safety of your loved ones. Checking the safety features of any car is perhaps the most important feature you should look in any car.

cars for long journey 5 safest cars for long journey

What do you search for in your first vehicle? A keen authority of utilized autos recognizes cost, mileage, wellbeing, dependability and reasonableness before purchasing an auto.

Purchasing a pre –owned vehicle

Finally, when purchasing a pre owned vehicle as another driver, the auto you pick must be apt as per your requirement. Never select a car that fails to offer the right kind of security, gas mileage and usefulness that you will require on long journeys.

Top five safe cars that you should go for a pick

Here are the top five utilized autos for recently authorized drivers:

  1. Nissan Versa: The Versa comes in evaluated around $11,000.00 for a base late model. As the Elantra, it brags gas mileage of 38 miles for every gallon interstate. Nissan’s fresher subcompact is extremely perfect for the extent of the vehicle and ranks high for wellbeing with front, back and side airbags and great top quality and back collision security. The car scores well in the subcompact classification for dependability with no major issues recorded concerning the 1.6 liter 4-cylinder engine or the power train.
  2. Hyundai Elantra:  Late models of Hyundai’s leader conservative might be acquired for around $12,000.00, and the vehicle’s four cylinder engine is moderately inexpensive to tackle. The Elantra likewise gets an astounding 38 miles for every gallon on the thruway, which makes it suitable for road travels. It accompanies all wheels Abs, front, back and side airbags and braking support to make it exceptionally sheltered. With respect to dependability, Hyundai’s 100,000 mile power train guarantee may as well put your mind to simplicity when considering if the Elantra will keep going for you.
  3. Chevy Sonic: Chevrolet’s more up to date subcompact additionally falls in the $11,000.00 range. The American ingenuity is plainly seen in this vehicle, particularly in the Ltz model where the reasonableness and cabin space are a welcome shock at this cost point. The Sonic midpoints between 35 and 40 miles for every gallon for efficiency on its 1.8 liter 4-cylinder engine that prepares a whopping 138 pull.
  4. Hyundai Accent was introduced in India long in 1999, around then not many cars were offered in that style. Despite the fact that it didn’t have numerous equals around then, however it was quite a safe vehicle.
  5. The Citroen C4 got a new makeover in 2011 and it is a standout amongst the most agreeable average sized family autos cash can purchase. Then again, the drive is not to the extent that as the Ford focus or Volkswagen Golf. The cabin is helpful however the huge boot consumes up the back seat space. Citroen has as of late included the micro half and half e-Hdi diesel engine to its go. It comes mated with an immediate gearbox and gives a combined mileage of 74mpg, making a fine drive for the people. The model remake done to it in 2011 has made Citroen C4 a head turner. This seems to be the better one leaving aside the rest.

Varying budget of the cars

So people can choose any one of the car and full fill their dream. These are profoundly pricey autos which just the premium class could bear to claim. Above these cars were the Ford Mondeo and Opel Vectra. After these cars were a percentage of the heavenly extravagance cantinas offered by Mercedes Benz India. So this was the chain of command around then which now has been changed totally.

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