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10 Creative Uses Of Toilet Paper

10 Creative Uses Of Toilet Paper


On every earth day that usually takes place every year, people love showing their love and appreciation for the environment in many ways. When it comes to toilet paper, especially the rolls, a lot of recycling and reusing can be done especially in creative ways not only for yourself and the earth but also for your kids and your home. You can explore your own level of creativity and at the end you will find lots of ways you can ingeniously recycle or use toilet paper for fun and beauty.

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You will come across lots of ideas across the internet that can help in adding some tinge of inspiration. As you make the most of toilet paper in creative ways, write tutorials not only to inspire others to do the same but also to use in the future just in case. Once you have creatively used the toilet paper, you can then post your work online to give others a glimpse of what you have been doing.

  1. Wrapping Gifts

With just a toilet paper roll you can creatively present some gifts, especially for your kids on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas or Halloween for those who celebrate them. Glue dots can be used to wrap using a quality shiny wrapping paper and a fitting gift inside and before clearly wrapping it. They are gorgeous in stockings for holiday gifts or filling them with candy to open later with friends and family.

  1. Fire Starter

Toilet paper tubes are wonderful to create fire starters where dryer link is stuffed on the inside of the tube and some sage for bugs’ deterrence.

  1. Seedlings Growing

Toilet paper tubes can be used to grow seedlings in the form of recycled containers especially for those with greenhouses. The toilet paper rolls are used as pots and once the crop is ready to plant, it can be planted in the ground with the whole roll without removing anything.

  1. Fabric Printing

Any empty toilet paper tube comes in handy especially for those who make patterns on their fabrics with their hands. You can think of a number of ideas to use the tube to come up with different prints in more than one way.

  1. Halloween Suspects

Every October 31 is Halloween and a great way to celebrate can be drawn on or reshaping toilet paper rolls into the common horror suspects from the world of the dead we see on cartoon networks or movies.

  1. Toy Cars

If you have lots of toilet paper rolls you can make them into toy cars for your kids or just for beautifying some empty space at home. Trains and others can also be created using these tubes and your imagination should be the limit.

  1. Roll Bird Feeding

With peanut butter and toilet paper rolls, you can roll it in birdseed and the peanut butter and make the day for a bird by slipping it on top of a branch or next to a nest.

  1. Winter Creations

With TP toppers you can create a snowman and Santa and perhaps use some crayons or paint to add color relevantly.

  1. Storage Tubes

If you have a lot of pens or some art and office supplies littered across the house, use toilet paper tubes and the shoe box to make a good storage.

  1. Vuvuzela

With the right tutorials you can use more than three toilet roll tubes to make some flute or a vuvuzela especially for the kids.

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Sam Thompson lives in Sydney Australia. He is an editor for Toilet Paper Plus and spends his spare time surfing the beaches of the east coast of Australia. He hopes one day all companies will look after the environment.


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