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Top Five Crafty Gift Ideas

Top Five Crafty Gift Ideas


We all know that the best gifts are from the heart and what is a better way to express that than creating something handmade? It needn’t be completely made yourself from scratch — it could just be a customisation of a bag, picture frame or piece of clothing. Here are a few craft ideas that make the perfect present.

Nail Polish Top Five Crafty Gift Ideas

  1. Knitted Scarf

Thanks to the vintage trend, the fashion status of the knitted scarf is on the rise. This is a fabulous gift for a birthday or seasonal holiday as you can create it in any colour, pattern or style. So if you’re making a gift for a child make it funky and fresh, or if it’s for your mother make sure it’s sophisticated and sweet.

  1. Personalised Picture Frame

Get creative with ribbons and buttons; make a cute bow out of some patterned ribbon and attach it to the frame. Get your glue guns at the ready and stick buttons all around the edges of the frame. Your friend or family member can then keep your precious memories all together in a beautiful frame.

  1. Make a Card

Why buy a card from a major greeting-card company when you can make a wonderful, personal and unique card yourself? It will mean a lot more than a store-bought card with a cheesy poem. Write your own little rhyme; it can be as funny or sentimental as you want. There are plenty of card-creating kits available. If you’re a very creative soul you could draw your own design or just use photographs.

  1. Scrap Book

Creating scrap books for your friends and family is great fun. You can keep all of your amazing memories together in one book and add pretty accessories such as buttons, sequins and paper flowers. Have all your friends sign the book, especially if it is a special occasion. This is an exceptional present for a friend or family member who is getting married or reaching a milestone age – you can document their life right from their childhood up to the present day. Always remember to leave a few blank pages at the end so they can add something too.

  1. Friendship Jewellery

Making jewellery isn’t hard. In fact, it’s quite an enjoyable stress-free activity, as long as you don’t keep dropping the beads on the floor! You’re never too old for friendship jewellery. You can create a piece that is shabby-chic or exquisitely vintage or even beautifully beady. Choose your friend’s favourite colours and work from that. If you find any exciting beads with animals or other trinkets add them too. The personal touch is far more valuable than a store-bought option. So you can show your friends and family that you love them with a handmade gift. There is a gift to be made for every occasion! You can have so much fun making your own gifts, toys and cards. Why not visit to find an array of craft and haberdashery tools?


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