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How To Turn A Spare Room Into Your Ideal Home Theater

How To Turn A Spare Room Into Your Ideal Home Theater


A few years ago, having a home theater, where one can retreat after a long, stressful day, was only for the lucky few who could spend thousands of dollars on equipment, furnishings and accessories. But today, with the availability of high-definition television and video, more and more people use wide-screen televisions and surround sound audio systems in their homes. With that said, a true theater room is within reach.

If you are thinking of turning a spare room into your ideal home theater, you need to properly plan the project. A home theater should isolate you from other areas of the house, keep out distractions, and allow you to fully immerse in whatever is playing on the big screen. To create a space that maximizes your movie experience and minimize distractions, you need to isolate the room from the rest of your house. You can use a spare bedroom, or a closed den as your home theater. Here are a few tips for turning a spare room into a functional home theater.

how turn spare room into How To Turn A Spare Room Into Your Ideal Home Theater

Choose The Room: If you have more than one spare room in your house, you should consider some of these factors:

  • Choose a square or rectangular room that is enclosed.
  • It should have standard-height ceilings. Avoid choosing a room with high ceilings and lots of architectural angles.
  • The room should have the fewest windows and doors to limit light; however, this can also be remedied by using blackout shades to block outdoor light.
  • It should have a lot of wall space. More walls pace means more shelving space and options.

Decide On A Theme For The Room: The theme of the theater room will hugely depend on what you are going to use it for- watching a movie, playing console games, or for entertaining friends. To some, a home theater is filled with equipment that allows you to play high quality movies on a huge high-definition TV. To others, this room is a smaller version of what you might find at your local movie theater. The theme you pick for this room will determine your budget and the execution.

Purchase The Right Equipment: This is the most important aspect of a home theater. Aside from choosing within your budget, you should also choose equipment that will satisfy your needs. For instance, when choosing a Television, don’t just go with the biggest one you can afford. You should think about investing in high quality TV. In addition, pay close attention to its size and shape.

  • You can choose either a screen or a projector, but it is advisable to get a 70-inch Plasma television. A 40-inch HQ Television is also a good option.
  • Choose high quality speakers and audio system. You should have at least five speakers and one subwoofer. This will provide you with an excellent surround sound experience.
  • Pair your speakers with the right amplifier. This means you should check the ohms and the wattage numbers when shopping.
  • It is a good idea to take an expert’s advice in setting up your audio and visual equipment to get the best home theater experience.

Darken The Room: To set the proper mood and ambiance for your theater room, you need to darken it. It should have a dark interior; thus, you need to use darker paint, such as purple and deep black tones for your ceiling and walls. Do not use neutral or pastel shades. You should also keep the room dark because improper lighting can ruin your viewing or gaming experience.

  • Use dim, indirect light to showcase what’s being shown on the screen. This type of lighting will also prevent eye strain.
  • You can use a lamp that uses a low-wattage bulb that directs the light towards the ceiling.
  • You can also install accent lighting on a dimmer switch.
  • Another tip is to block the light from the windows using blackout window treatments. Blackout blinds are a must-have in every theater room. This type of blind can block 100% of light and it can also block out sounds, reducing disturbance.

Don’t Forget The Seating: A home theater room won’t be complete without comfortable seating. You can use cozy sofas, sectionals, or a reclining theater seating. Just make sure that you have enough seating space for everyone who wants to spend time in the theater room.

The author, Kris Lim, is an interior designer and blogger who offers basic interior design tips and tricks. In this article, she lists a few tips for turning a spare room into a home theater. She highly suggests the use of blackout blinds to properly set-up the mood and ambiance of the room. She suggests purchasing blackout blinds from reputable online stores, such as blackoutblinds.biz.

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