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Health And Beauty Tips To A New And Improved YOU

Health And Beauty Tips To A New And Improved YOU


When a major change occurs in our life, women are known for wanting a change in their minds, bodies and spirits as well. When a bad breakup has just occurred or she landed her dream job in New York City, a change in life often is followed up with a change in appearance. We’re here to give you a variety of ways to make confidence-boosting changes, from beauty to fitness to dietary changes!

health beauty tips new improved Health And Beauty Tips To A New And Improved YOU


Beauty is only skin-deep, but confidence is so much more. Starting a clean slate, for whatever reason, can be accompanied by confidence-boosting techniques.

  • New haircut
    For just being dead skin cells, protein and keratin, women certainly spend a lot of time maintaining hair. One small haircut can make you feel like a whole new person. Stopping by the hairdresser can mean more than cutting inches off your locks. Play with layers and bangs; see what works for you. Sometimes, the best haircuts come from letting your hairdresser do whatever they think looks best and getting surprised at the end!
  • New makeup routine
    Makeup is almost too easy to become bored. We’re humans, and that means we just thrive off change, even if we think we hate it. Changing a makeup routine works best when you seek advice of a beauty consultant. Think of your face like a blank canvas when stripped of makeup, and allow the consultant to do some artwork. Consultations are usually free, and you get to try out new makeup products you may not have ever known existed!
  • Enhance your smile
    You may have heard the saying “the happiest girls are the prettiest girls.” A bright, confident smile can do so much more for your appearance than many women think. Having a gorgeous smile means more than just brushing your teeth daily and having braces when your in your awkward preteen years. Have you considered what a teeth-whitening procedure can do for you? Maybe even porcelain veneers? If you have crooked, discolored or unappealing gaps in your teeth, a trained and skilled cosmetic dentist can do wonders for you. Luckily, many offices are willing to give free consultations to see which procedure is right for you.


Making changes or even small alternatives to your meals can have a great impact in the long run. This doesn’t mean going on a diet, which most people associate with hunger and boring dinners that consist of fruit and a piece of lettuce. You can make these changes without your taste pallet even recognizing much of a difference! For example, ordering a thin-crust pizza instead of the regular thick crust has about one third of the calories. Additionally, using brown rice instead of the bleached white gives you a high-fiber advantage, less calories consumed and a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Women’s Health Magazine and credible websites can give you suggestions for how to “healthify” your meals while still enjoying it.


The cliche suggestion of maintaining a regular workout routine will never go away. Beyond just losing weight for your dream summer body, regular exercise has an impact on your body and mind, such as…

  • Improved mood
  • Calming effects
  • Improves digestion
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Improves skin complexion
  • Reduces stress
  • Better night’s rest
  • Increases work productivity

Lindsay Bradshaw is a content developer for Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry in Austin, Texas. She constantly looks for ways to make positive changes in her daily life.

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