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Food For Your Teeth

Food For Your Teeth


Everybody knows there is good food that benefits our bodies, but what about good food to benefit our teeth? The health of our whole body including our teeth, is dependant on how we take care of it and what we put into it. That means exercising is important but also quality nutritious foods. Since we can’t really exercise our teeth we have to put more of an emphasis on oral hygiene and foods that give us positive benefits.

Vitamins in Food That Benefit Your Teeth

If you want to make sure you are eating the best food to benefit your teeth you should look for food that contains good vitamins like vitamin A, C, D and calcium. You can find vitamin A in dark green leafy foods like kale and spinach as well as carrots and squash. Foods that contain vitamin A help develop healthy gums and strong teeth due to the antioxidants that help fight off chemicals in your body that speed up tooth decay.

food for teeth Food For Your Teeth

Vitamin C is also great for the health of your teeth because it promotes healthy gum tissue and helps your body absorb iron which gives you stronger bones. Foods that contain vitamin C are usually highly acidic like citrus fruits, berries and tomatoes. The high levels of acid in these foods are actually harmful to the enamel on your teeth so you should not eat them alone but rather mixed in with other meals. Also wait to brush your teeth for at least thirty minutes after you have ate foods like this to prevent further enamel erosion.

One of the best ways to improve your teeth health is by eating foods packed with calcium and vitamin D. Since the majority of the calcium stored in our body is in our teeth and bones, it is important to continually be getting a daily dose of calcium to maintain the health of our teeth. Dairy foods like milk, yogurt and cheese contain high amounts of calcium but so do foods like broccoli and fruit juices. Since vitamin D aids in calcium absorption it is also beneficial to add that to your diet which can also be found in dairy products and even sunlight.

Eating a well balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables and dairy products helps maintain the health of our body and teeth. This is extremely important to take note of because these are the foods that we should be eating and continue to benefit us. Foods high in sugar and fat do nothing for our bodies or smile and eating them actually has a negative effect on us.

Personally I like to put things in perspective and I think we should think of oral hygiene like exercise but for our teeth. If you always eat bad foods it almost counteracts the exercise. If you eat healthy foods it aids the exercise. Similar to our teeth, eating healthy foods aids with good oral hygiene making it easier to have a healthier smile. Try eating foods that benefit your teeth and the health of your body will enjoy it as well.

Victoria Cairo is a blogger for Greenspoint Dental in Houston, Texas. She loves eating healthy foods and finding more reasons why others should do it too.

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