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Exercise And Music, The Perfect Combination

Exercise And Music, The Perfect Combination


Our hectic lifestyle is the main culprit behind a lot of health related problems and obesity. The best way to tackle this problem is by paying attention towards your diet and exercising regularly. However, it is easier said than done as a lot of people hate the idea of working out in an enclosed gym. The good thing is they can put on their running shoes and take up running as a regular form of exercise. Running is an excellent way to keep fit, lose weight, increase stamina and get the required physical exercise regularly. To begin with, it will be tiring and you may not be able to run any considerable distance at a stretch; firstly because you wouldn’t have enough endurance and secondly due to the lack of motivation.

exercise music perfect combination Exercise And Music, The Perfect Combination

The good news is overtime you will build up stamina to run great distances every day, now the only thing for you to seek is the right motivation. Apart from the health benefits, running can be a mundane activity as it tends to get boring to break a sweat everyday all by yourself. To make this activity interesting, you can start plugging in headphones or earphones and listen to some good music that can keep you on your toes and also kill the boredom. If you look around while jogging, you will see more than half the people that regularly run, seek solace and companionship in good music.

How Can Music Help?

Music is one of the biggest stress busters and also a mood lifter, so when you feel too tired or lazy to get up and run, music will help in shirking the laziness. To make it interesting upload fast beats and peppy numbers that have a fast rhythm so you can align your run as per the pace of the song. A good collection of songs can motivate you to continue running while the songs play and hence help you to run long distance without feeling bored and without the tiredness creeping in.

How to Choose the Right Kind of Headphones?

Along with the right song, using the right earphones/headphones is imperative because if it isn’t the right size they will keep slipping from your ears. This can be particularly irritating and can break your rhythm and you might lose your motivation to run due to this. Opt for wireless earphones as dangling wires around your neck cause hindrance and can be an obstruction in running.

Invest in good quality earphones that have sweat proof buds or else it can get too moist and sweaty and become a cause for discomfort and ear infection. If you aren’t able to afford sweat proof earphones, buy washable buds so you can periodically wash them clean.

Dial it down

Don’t blast the music in your ears as it could eventually impair your hearing and could also cause injury to your ear drums. Also when you blast the music to full strength you wouldn’t be able to hear anything around you, so if there are cars honking or people calling out for your attention, it would be difficult for you to hear.

The idea of plugging in your earphones is to have fun while you run and not get bored as good music can elevate your senses and provide you with the right kind of motivation.


Kcmouli is a freelancer blogger who exercises frequently – here are some of his tips on how to select bluetooth headphones for running. For more tips do check out other posts and feel free to post suggestions or share this on web 2.0.

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