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Designing with Widbook

Designing with Widbook


A number of collaborative programs have developed over the past couple of years. Telecommuting and telecollaboration are both rapidly growing, and it’s little wonder that the tools associated with these programs are becoming more sophisticated. Among the many programs available is Widbook, an online collaboration software platform that was originally marketed to creative designers, authors, and artists. Using it to design your eCommerce store website is feasible, but you will want to remember a few things.


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Widbook Works Best for Core Development

Widbook works best when you are actually editing the code or the core elements of your eCommerce store. This means that everyone who is involved needs to be somewhat familiar with the content and how it should be applied. The WYSIWG format does not exist on this particular collaborative format, but it can be good for making sure that everyone who is working on the web design components is on the same page. The benefit of Widbook is that it has some of the fastest interfacing connections available. This means that you can evaluate all of the changes in real time. More in-depth and detailed work such as photo editing and the like should be handled in a designated photo collaboration program.

Widbook Works When It’s the Only Program Running

Even though Widbook is a collaborative program, you should avoid running other programs while working on it. It is designed to be completely self-sufficient. Chatting, email, and the like can all be conducted within the Widbook program. To allow it to run at its peak proficiency, you should make it the only program running at a time. It will move significantly faster, and it will be easier for you to keep the system from locking up, even if you’re working on apparel website template alterations.

More Than Four Users Can Bog Widbook Down

When you have multiple people logged in, you may find that it starts to run slower. Each collaborative program has its own peak number, though this number is influenced in part by your systems’ processing speeds and Internet connections. It also depends on the kind of project you’re working on. A simple text alteration for your eCommerce site will not bog the system down as much as altering templates with HTML alterations.  However, according to reviews on Widbook, it appears that four users is the approximate peak number.

Finding the right collaborative program for your web design and eCommerce store needs can be a challenge, but once you find it, it’s great to be able to work on your projects with people from across the world. You no longer have to work with your web design team off on its own. Widbook is one of the strong options for collaboration. However, you need to remember a few things when using it. First, it works best for core development rather than in-depth and detailed work such as photo editing. Second, it should be the only program running whenever possible. Third, having more than four users at a time can bog the system down.


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