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Creative Ways To Display Your Dolls

Creative Ways To Display Your Dolls


Collecting dolls is a great hobby that can bring you a lot of enjoyment. It can even be a financially beneficial item to collect. There are many benefits that collecting dolls brings but you should never forget to also take good care of your dolls. Displaying your dolls in a nice way is really important and here are some ideas to help you do that well.

A Glass Cabinet

creative ways display dolls Creative Ways To Display Your Dolls
The most common option to go with is a glass cabinet. It is a very simple and elegant solution that will also help you keep your dolls in good condition.

For instance, you can buy a normal cabinet with glass doors and place it in the room of your choice. This way you and your guests can admire the dolls at any time and they will be on display in a nice way.

If you find it difficult to keep the dolls in a good position and don’t want them in a sitting position all the time then it is possible to purchase risers to keep them upright.

Keeping dolls behind glass doors will make it easier to keep them from getting dust on too which will help guarantee they stay in a good condition for longer.

A Big Wooden Dollhouse

If your dolls are small in size and perhaps your collection isn’t yet that big it is a good idea to build a big wooden dollhouse. You can get a wooden cupboard with two big plank doors that you can close if you want to keep your dolls out of plain sight.

Doll Diaries has one nice idea for a wooden dollhouse that you can create for yourself. Having a dollhouse also has the positive effect of allowing you to be creative with the other decorations in the house too. You can add some nice small finishing touches to it that will make your doll collection really stand out.

Wall-Mounted Open Shelves

It is also a nice idea to build your dolls their own wall-mounted shelves. You can place these in any room you want to and can be very creative in how you display the shelves on the walls. This way you can also add some information about them on the walls. For example you can write a little paragraph about a specific doll and frame it on the wall.

This will give a nice exhibitionist feel to the doll collection and it will also give you a good opportunity to display all the other doll related items you might have. There are a lot of nice booklets you can get at the A Girl For All Time Shop and many other doll shops have additional doll memorabilia you can have a look at.

Around The Bookshelf

If you are just starting out you don’t need to go with a specific doll collection display unit. It is a nice idea to just place your dolls around the living room, for example, at the bookshelf. If you have a square unit bookshelf it may look nice if a few shelves here and there have some dolls scattered around.

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