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At What Point Does Cloud Storage Make Sense For Your Home-based Business?

At What Point Does Cloud Storage Make Sense For Your Home-based Business?


At What Point Does Cloud Storage Make Sense For Your Home-based Business?

AOE CLOUD STORAGE At What Point Does Cloud Storage Make Sense For Your Home based Business?

More and more small businesses have become aware of the advantages of using cloud based storage. From web-based backups to email services and document maintenance, the cloud has become the norm for many businesses of all types and sizes. This is because not only does cloud storage safeguard data, but it allows business owners to store, access, and edit data from virtually anywhere, in remote environments rather than only the company’s local computers.


Small businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy. In Georgia alone, 97 percent of the businesses in the state are small enterprises. The use of cloud services for handling data has been growing exponentially, particularly for small business owners, in order to reduce anxiety over data security and accessibility. A number of organizations have conducted surveys indicating that at least half of small businesses have already turned to the cloud for their storage needs. Around 31 percent of respondents from various countries have said they expect to do the same within the next year.

It makes sense, then, that home-based business owners have also embraced the cloud over concern about the ability to manage data and prevent its loss. In fact, digital technology among home-based business owners has skyrocketed over the past decade, largely due to the requirement of adapting to the increased sophistication of computing equipment in general.


There are many benefits for small business owners to contract with a cloud storage service. A data center Atlanta Georgia entrepreneurs rely on for example, can “provide IT infrastructure solutions that enable you to focus on your core business and free up your IT staff for innovation and high value activities.” Other cloud benefits include:

1. Time savings
2. Cost savings
3. Seamless business operations
4. Increased business status and reputation
5. Access to previously unavailable new technologies

Business Loss Prevention

Not only does it make sense for home-based businesses to use cloud storage to safeguard their data, but doing so also ensures that owners have access to critical information so they can make decisions quickly. For instance, over half of home-based business owners surveyed have said they missed a business opportunity or had to spend time redoing a project because of a deleted or lost file. Therefore, any home-based business, at any stage of development can benefit greatly by using a cloud storage service. In fact, the earlier that any business begins storing data in the cloud, the easier it will be to acclimate to and maintain it.


Online data backup has a distinct advantage over traditional media in that the information is always available. Using the cloud, business owners have the flexibility to work with files from nearly anywhere in the world. Therefore, any small business owner who desires this type of access should consider the cloud for this reason alone. Not only is this type of accessibility convenient, but it is essential for today’s mobility-driven consumers as well. This means that home-based business owners need not be at home in order to serve their customers’ needs.

Operating a business out of one’s home usually also means insufficient IT support. The average business owner does not have the budget to engage an IT professional on a regular basis. Even a tech-savvy business owner works very long hours as it is.  Nearly half of home-based business owners surveyed believe it is more stressful working on their own. These are other reasons why easy-to-use cloud storage solutions with their set-it-and-forget-it features are so important for the survival and growth of any small business.

Writer and home-based business owner LaGeris Underwood Bell embraces the virtues of the cloud and encourages fellow small business owners to follow suit. She was able to surf the Internet to find a data center Atlanta Georgia entrepreneurs use to protect and help their businesses thrive.

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